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"I'd murder as many children as is necessary to accomplish my mission."
—The Pilgrim to Rip Hunter's team on her tactics[src]

"The Pilgrim" was a deadly assassin in the service of the Time Masters. In her role, she performed kills by traveling back in time and killing the younger selves of her victims, thus erasing the existence of a person.


At the command of the Time Masters, The Pilgrim killed Kaylex Druzan at some point in his past, erasing his then-current self. Following that, she returned to her employers, who ordered Omega Protocols on Rip Hunter's team, except for Kendra Saunders and Rip Hunter himself for respective reasons. The Hunters, previously sent by the Time Masters were unsuccessful in this task.[1][2]

The Pilgrim traveled back to Central City in 1990 to take out a younger Mick Rory. However, she was stopped by Ray Palmer and then changed her focus to a younger version of Sara Lance. After traveling to Star City in 2007, she attacked the SCPD and took out multiple officers, including Quentin Lance, as they tried to stop her. She cornered Sara, but was stopped by the present day versions of Mick Rory and Sara. She fought Sara in hand-to-hand combat with Sara managing to disarm her. The Pilgrim was able to deprive Sara of her staffs. She started to overpower Sara but was thrown to the floor. The Pilgrim was able to retrieve her gun, however before she was able to shoot Sara she was hit with a blast from Mick Rory's Heat gun. After failing on both occasions, she tried to kill Palmer in 2014 but was stopped by Jefferson Jackson and Rip, who used technology from Palmer to blow her out of the window. She then went back to 1993 to kill Jefferson as a baby, but he was spirited away by the team before she could get to him.

The Pilgrim faces Rip Hunter's team.

Switching tactics, the Pilgrim proceeded to kidnap various family members of the team, whom she used to blackmail them into surrendering themselves. Rip offered her his younger self in exchange so she could stop the entire team from being formed by killing him. The Pilgrim agreed, but before she could take the young boy, the team attacked her during the trade. She was surrounded and they fired their weapons. The Pilgrim began to reflect their attacks backwards, but was stabbed by the younger Rip Hunter, which distracted her and led the team to disintegrating her into ash.[1]


The Pilgrim was completely ruthless, immoral, and remorseless, willing to kill infants, children, and any innocent bystanders simply for getting in her way, all for the simple sake of completing her missions, while completely indifferent as to who her target is she seems to take personal enjoyment in taking them out.

However, in her trademark of attacking targets in their younger and seemingly defenseless past selves combined with her flawless record, the Pilgrim was extremely arrogant and overconfident in her abilities, to which she underestimated Rip Hunter's cunning nature, as his younger-self was able to injure her, leading to her death.

Powers and abilities


  • Temporal micro-manipulation: Though unknown means, the Pilgrim obtained the power to control time in her immediate vicinity. By extending her hand at the target, the Pilgrim could reverse the flow of time around energy attacks and launch them back at the attackers. However, it seemed to take a short period to complete the process and likewise proved more difficult against multiple targets at once. The Pilgrim could also freeze the motion of her opponents and reverse their momentum. Smaller targets like bullets required no usage of hand gestures to repel, making her bulletproof as long as she is aware and alert. With direct contact on her target, the Pilgrim could physically repel and overpower them, usually by sending them flying through the air, allowing her to simulate inhuman strength. Even if not able to repel the attack, her powers could minimize the damage, as she was sent flying by the A.T.O.M. Exosuit's energy blasts, only to remain unharmed. The Pilgrim's powers are nullified only when she's caught off-guard, or distracted, or in pain, leaving her vulnerable to all attacks.
    • Superhuman strength: When the Pilgrim broke into the SCPD, she displayed feats of intense strength, such as being able to send multiple cops flying with just a punch and fly through a glass window, easily shattering it.[1]
    • Invulnerability: The Pilgrim's abilities allow her to be invincible and invulnerable as long as she is conscious and aware, resulting in her being bulletproof, immune to human strength, surviving falls from several stories, and be unscathed from numerous energy attacks. While bullets would bounce off her, energy attacks would be able to physically repel her if she was hit, though she would still not be harmed. Only when she was distracted and in pain did the Pilgrim's powers weaken enough for her to be destroyed by the united powers of Rip Hunter's team.[1]


  • Master assassin: The Pilgrim was a highly skilled assassin who excelled in taking out her targets. Recognized as the Time Masters' top and most deadly operative, she was reserved as a last resort to take down time criminals.[1]
    • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: While the Pilgrim normally went after her targets deep in the past where they would pose little trouble, she was accomplished in close quarters combat. The Pilgrim was able to easily defeat numerous police officers and hold her own against Sara Lance, a former high-ranking member of the League of Assassins, even briefly gaining the upper hand on the latter. Ultimately however, even with her superhuman strength, the Pilgrim was eventually knocked down by Sara and had to resort to using a gun before being blasted by Mick Rory.
      • Expert markswoman: The Pilgrim was highly trained with guns, which she used to quickly take out her targets.


  • Energy gun: The Pilgrim carries an energy gun, which fires green bolts, as her sidearm. During her fight with Sara Lance, the Pilgrim also used the weapon at close range as a blunt instrument.
  • Timeship: The Pilgrim was provided a timeship by the Time Masters to enact her duties as an assassin affiliated with the organization.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • In DC comics' imprint, Wildstorm, Maritza Blackbird a.k.a. the Pilgrim is a heroic character, who acts as an assassin in the Special Operations Group and later the Wetworks, a black-ops team of the United States military. She exhibits a similar set of powers to her show counterpart, such as time travel, invulnerability, superhuman strength and reflexes, but both versions have an extremely different backgrounds and show's version doesn't have a real name, therefore the villainess in the show could be considered as a loose variation of the comic's character.