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"There is no vow more sacred, nor covenant more holy, than the one between man and woman. With this ceremony, your souls are bound together, forever joined. You will never be free. You will always be held captive by your love for each other. [...] And for this shared life, we offer blessings. بركة. The union is sealed."
—The Priestess[src]

"The Priestess" is a member of the League of Assassins.


The Priestess at some point joined the League of Assassins, serving Ra's al Ghul. She was in charge of officiating their rituals and ceremonies.[1]

Thea Queen's resurrection[]

When Thea Queen was brought to Nanda Parbat to be healed with the Lazarus Pit, the Priestess prepared her body, dressing Thea in a ceremonial white nightgown. She led the chant when Thea was submerged in the Pit, commanding her to "rise". When Thea awakened in a feral state, the Priestess ordered two assassins to restrain her as she applied a sedative powder to Thea's neck, rendering the latter unconscious.[1]

Rise of Al Sah-him[]

Later, the Priestess helped induct Oliver Queen into the League. She heated his branded sigil, an arrowhead, and watched as he became "Al Sah-him", heir to the Demon.[1]

The Priestess officiated the wedding between Al Sah-him and Nyssa al Ghul. She recited the League's wedding vows, though was briefly interrupted by Nyssa, before joining the bride and groom's hands together.[2]

Following Ra's' death and Malcolm Merlyn's ascension as the Demon's Head, the Priestess' whereabouts are unknown, as Malcolm was unwilling to allow her presence in Nanda Parbat due to her allegiance to his predecessor.[3]

Powers and abilities[]


  • Magic (presumed): The Priestess was speculated to be part sorceress, given her experience with the League of Assassins' mysticism and ancient customs.[3]


  • Occult knowledge: The Priestess has acquired extensive knowledge of the supernatural, as she understood how the Lazarus Pit functioned and knew how it would heal Thea Queen. The Priestess could also treat the Pit's side-effects, using specialized powder to calm down Thea from her initial feral state.[1]
  • Multilingual: The Priestess is capable of fluently speaking English, Arabic, and Spanish.[2]


  • Dagger: The Priestess carries a personalized dagger for her duties.[1]
  • Powder kit: The Priestess had a box of various substances she used during her rituals.[1]



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