"Heads up, people! The Reich has the refugees on the run and they're heading this way."
—The Ray[src]

"The Ray" was a meta-human member of the Freedom Fighters who fought against the New Reich on Earth-X. He was fatally wounded by Blitzkrieg of the New Reichsmen and was forced to travel to Earth-1 and give his powers and the neuro-cortex of the Red Tornado to his doppelgänger.


Early life

At some point, a male denizen of the United States, occupied by the New Reich, obtained meta-human powers of photokinesis and solar radiation, and also joined the Freedom Fighters, fighting against the Nazi regime under a pseudonym "The Ray". In his service among the Freedom Fighters, the Ray became a symbol of hope for the oppressed Americans under Nazi occupation. He has also befriended other Freedom Fighters, especially Vibe and the robotic Red Tornado.

Fighting the Nazis

The Freedom Fighters.

When the Schutzstaffel troops were moved to the outskirts of Tulsa, with Führer Oliver threatening to destroy everything that those who support resistance hold dear, the Freedom Fighters' elite superhero attack team arrived to the city to join local resistance in destroying SS tanks and soldiers. Before too late, however, the battle was joined by the New Reichsmen, a trio of Nazi leaders which included Führer Oliver himself, the speedster Blitzkrieg and their powerhouse Overgirl.[1]

Black Condor, Red Tornado and the Ray of Earth-X.

As the battle continued, the Red Tornado was overpowered by Overgirl, his systems now on subnormal levels. Asking not to let the Nazis capture Freedom Fighters' secrets, Red Tornado forced the Ray to take its neo-cortex with him, despite Ray's protests that it would remove the robot's unique personality. Joined by Vibe, the team continued their fighting, before losing another team member, Dollman, to Overgirl's heat vision. At the same time, Blitzkrieg brutally attacked Vibe and the Ray, stabbing Ray in his stomach with a sword. Boasting about wanting to enjoy the Ray's pain, Blitzkrieg was taken out by Vibe, who then promptly opened a portal to Earth-1 and forced the Ray to escape to the other dimension.[2]


The Ray dies and Raymond Terrill receives his powers.

Despite Vibe's plan, the Ray did not survive his interdimensional trip. Arriving at the yard of Terrill family house, he witnessed his doppelgänger Ray Terrill of Earth-1 and finally allowed himself to die. In his final moments, the Ray's photokinetic powers transferred to his counterpart, covering the unsuspecting man with radiation and turning him into a meta-human.[3]


The Ray was a selfless individual, giving his life for the fight for freedom against the Nazi regime. He greatly bonded with fellow Freedom Fighters, not wanting to see even a robotic ally like the Red Tornado "die" by removing his personality-containing neuro-cortex. Even fatally wounded, he was driven by his mission, refusing to leave Vibe and the others and only agreeing to go because it would stop the New Reichsmen from getting a neo-cortex. Instead of holding onto life, he relinquished his powers to a doppelgänger who'd continue his mission, making the ultimate sacrifice.

Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: From unknown means, Ray's DNA and cells were altered, enabling him to access his new-found powers.[1]
    • Solar energy radiation: The Ray's powers are based on solar radiation that generates when he uses photokinesis and leaves a trail behind his movements, but quickly dissipates. He was able to transfer this power to his doppelgänger.[1]
      • Photokinesis: The Ray has the ability to manipulate light, creating constructs.[1]
        • Hard light constructs: The Ray can use photokinesis to create constructs of pure light, including his uniform.[3]
        • Light energy blasts: The Ray is able to project bursts of light energy at his enemies, using them to cause explosions.[2]
        • Flight: The Ray can fly unassisted through the air, reaching great speeds.[1]



Freedom Fighters: The Ray

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Behind the scenes

  • In DC Comics continuity the original Ray was Langford "Happy" Terrill, a member of the Freedom Fighters and All-Star Squadron during World War II. Happy was succeeded by his son Ray Terrill in the modern era, who has been a member of the Justice League, Forgotten Heroes and Young Justice in addition to the Freedom Fighters. While Ray Terrill had later been reworked into a denizen of the "main" New Earth/Prime Earth (like Earth-1's Ray Terrill of the Arrowverse), Happy Terrill, in most cases, kept his origin as a denizen of the Nazi-occupied Earth.


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