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"When I got to know you, the real you, I was in awe. I had never met somebody so passionate, so focused and determined to make a real difference. But the recruits didn't get to see the real you because all you showed them was this angry guy in a mask. Like, scary angry."
Felicity Smoak to Oliver Queen on training his new team

"The Recruits" is the second episode of the fifth season of Arrow, and the ninety-fourth episode overall. It aired on October 12, 2016.



The scene begins with Wild Dog pursuing down a suspect. At the point when he outings and tumbles off the edge of a structure, however, Green Arrow gets him with a bolo bolt. Oliver gives him a fast in and out talk and offers him a chance to join Team Arrow.

Back at the refuge, Curtis bombs wretchedly at the salmon stepping stool. Oliver reveals to Curtis that he has further to go than the remainder of the enlisted people, so he will be tested the most. He tells the group that every one of them three will be wearing veils while they train the enlisted people, since they don't have the foggiest idea about the volunteers yet.

Somewhere else, Diggle is going to lead a military activity in Chechnya. After a short gathering, he coaches a youthful warrior who's frightened about going out on the mission - his first.

At the workplace of the chairman, Oliver effectively pitches Amertek to endorse a free clinical occasion that can assist take with minding of the casualties of the city's wrongdoing pandemic.

Oliver tells Thea after they've left that he's assembling another group. She understands this implies she's stuck covering his butt more at the city hall leader's office for a long time to come, so she begins attempting to assemble her very own group.

In the refuge, Oliver provokes the volunteers to an activity - attempt to move beyond him and ring a bell. They all come up short. More than once.

In the flashback, pretty much a similar exercise again - aside from Oliver is one of the volunteers, and it's the Bratva who are facilitating.

In Starling City, a man discussing stops to give a destitute person some cash - however when he leaves, the destitute person ends up being a hooded, battered figure, who assaults him from behind.

Back at the nest, Oliver uncovers that the man assaulted is in the ICU after apparently being covered. The man was a VP at Amertek, the organization that was assisting with Oliver's foundation occasion. The Amertek CEO needs to pull out because of worries of wellbeing and legitimate concerns. Oliver guarantees that the city will acknowledge obligation if anythign occurs, and that he will significantly increase police nearness at the occasion, so she consents to remain.

Abroad, Diggle's activity turns out poorly. Two men are shot very soon and one of them, still alive, accepts that the miscreants realized they were coming.

At the den, Green Arrow is as yet beating on the enlisted people. They're beginning to get unsettled. Before the encounter can heighten, however, Felicity summons Green Arrow and discloses to him that they have film demonstrating the assailant of the Amertek VP was upgraded somehow or another. Felicity persuades him to carry the group with him to the foundation occasion.

He does - and it is anything but an impractical notion. The Amertek CEO is assaulted very quickly after the occasion begins by a man who appears to have living apparel contacting choke her. Oliver gets a shot in at the ragman, however when a young lady is in the line of sight, Wild Dog (not in outfit, yet covert as a volunteer) handles him and detaches a piece.

Back at the den, Oliver detonates at the volunteers for not avoiding sight like he requested them. Felicity pulls him away to reveal to him that Wild Dog got some proof from the ragman. Oliver leaves to go manage the aftermath of the occasion at the civic chairman's office.

At Diggle's operation, the youthful warrior he pep-talked eariler is harmed and the two choose to case the structure. Not long after they split up, Diggle is incapacitated by a gathering of American troopers who are going to take the weapon they're apparently there to escape the hands of the renegades.

At the police division, Felicity gives the cloth - and a long story loaded up with lies about where it originated from - to her sweetheart to get it dissected in light of the fact that the PCs in the Arrowcave are down.

At the city hall leader's office, Thea has recruited on Quentin so as to assist him with slithering out of the jug, however Oliver objects - and afterward gets a book from Felicity and leaves.

Wild Dog and Artemis have stopped the group as of now, and Curtis and Felicity are vexed. Oliver discloses to Curtis that the objective of the activity was to get them three to work togeter. Curtis shouts at Oliver about what a terrible pioneer he is, and says he stops, as well.

Alone with Felicity later, Oliver is pouting about bombing the enlisted people, and he says reveals to her that he was utilizing Bratva strategies - depersonalizing individuals so that losing them doesn't hurt you - on the volunteers. He thinks part about the explanation the fall of Team Arrow hurt him so much is that he let them in.

Felicity reveals to him that it's Oliver Queen, not the Green Arrow, she needs to follow thus will the enlisted people.

In the flashbacks, Oliver makes sense of how to ring the chime and beat the activity: by cooperating. He convinces the other Bratva enlisted people to follow his lead, however after he "wins," the others are executed by the lieutenant.

Back in the present, Thea sees the CEO of Amertek making an arrangement with Tobias Church to offer him enough weaponry to "assume control over a nation."

Abroad, the degenerate officers murder Dig's young enlist and reveal to him that he's "tackled their concern."

At the city hall leader's office, Thea tealls Oliver what she realized, and she and Felicity are disappointed when he chooses to attempt to fix it all alone as opposed to utilizing the group. En route, Felicity uncovers that the cloth is a great many years old and touched with radiation from one of the Genesis bombs Damien Darhk propelled (like the inactive one Diggle has been pursuing down).

Green Arrow penetrates Church's gathering with Amertek's CEO - however not before Ragman does. Ragman, things being what they are, is persuaded to discover equity for the main bomb that "discovered its imprint" on Genesis Day - the one Felicity dropped on Havenrock. Felicity watches him disclose this to the Amertek CEO while Oliver is getting beat on by Church. Finally before Church can cut him with a bolt, Oliver yells to Ragman, who throws Church. The Amertek CEO escapes, however Oliver advises him to release her, that it's finished.

On a housetop, Oliver interfaces with Ragman, whose father spared him on Genesis Day by giving him the Ragman suit. Oliver reveals to him that his dad would have needed something better for him, not for him to be a wrathful killer. Oliver concedes that he needs a group and he can't do only it. He solicits Ragman to respect the heritages from their dads together, and the pair shake hands.

In Russia, Oliver challenges Anatoly, who says that the initial segment of commencement is understanding that the just a single he can trust is himself.

In Chechnya, the degenerate warriors are asking Diggle to sign an admission that he slaughtered the fighter from before. Diggle can't, and the top of the screwy ones says that his men will all affirm against Diggle, so good karma with his court military.

At City Hall, Quentin appears for a gathering with Thea, and attempts to exit, saying that he realizes she's made sense of he's drinking. She extends to him the Deputy Mayor employment opportunity, on the condition he quits drinking. She approaches him to do it for Laurel.

At the Lair, Oliver discloses to Felicity that he permitted Church to show signs of improvement of him to trust Ragman, and that he's not done at this point. The volunteers are sitting tight for him, and he exposes to request that they return and remain with him. Everybody signs on, despite Wild Dog abhorring his codename.

Outside of a dance club, Tobias Church is beaten seriously by a man who calls himself Prometheus, and says that Green Arrow is his to execute.


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Preparation ran from July 6 until July 14, 2016. Shooting ran from July 15 until July 27, 2016.[1]


  • During a conversation around the 35-minute mark, a sign can be clearly seen in the background for the "Bam² Muay Thai Training Center." This a nod to the episode's director, James "Bam-Bam" Bamford, who is also Arrow's supervising stunt coordinator.


  • 12:58 - When Diggle throws a grenade into a side room, the ceiling is seen collapsing before the grenade explodes.
  • Felicity says she has been waiting 5 years to make the joke about Oliver being 'too green'. However, at this time Oliver has only been a vigilante for 4 years, and Felicity has only known his identity for 3 years.
  • The Genesis Day warhead that detonated was Russian in origin. Even if private companies were involved in direct manufacture of ICBMs in the Arrowverse, an American company like Amertek would not be making them for Russia.