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For the The Flash episode, see "Resurrection".

"The Resurrection" is the first episode of the first season of Black Lightning, and the first episode overall. It aired on January 16, 2018.



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Jefferson Pierce is the former hero known as Black Lightning. His eldest daughter Anissa is arrested by the Freeland Police Department for protesting. Jefferson and his younger daughter, Jennifer, collect Anissa from the police station and head to a gala event at Garfield High School. On the way, Jefferson is stopped by police officers and pulled over, and dragged to their car where a woman tells them they have the wrong person. The officer explains her liquor store was just robbed; Jefferson furiously calls out the cops for their idiocy, pointing out he is not dressed for a getaway. Enraged by the unfairness of the situation, he almost unleashes his Black Lightning powers for the first time in years.

At the gala, Jefferson meets up with his ex-wife Lynn Stewart and Jennifer goes to a club owned by The 100 with friends. She meets Will and soon gets into trouble with the 100. When Jefferson finds out where Jennifer is, he goes to retrieve her. Finding out she is in trouble, he is forced to use his powers to ensure her escape. Meeting with Peter Gambi, his old friend and mentor urges Jefferson to become Black Lightning once again but Jefferson refuses.

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Will abducts Jennifer and Anissa from Garfield High School despite Jefferson's deal with Lala for the 100 to leave Garfield alone. Will intended for Jennifer and Anissa to work as prostitutes at the Seahorse Motel, but Lala is incensed and orders the girls killed instead. Lynn releases Jefferson from his promise to not be Black Lightning. Gambi presents him with a new suit and he storms the Seahorse Motel to rescue his daughters.

Lala is brought before the head of the 100, Tobias Whale by Syonide and Joey Toledo. Tobias orders Lala to kill Black Lightning. Anissa wakes up in the middle of the night and finds that her trauma has activated her powers as she breaks her sink in half.



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  • The episode was previously titled "Dark Matter of My Brain".[1]
  • The car stopping scene was inspired by a true event that showrunner Salim Akil once faced in his life.[2]
  • The window above the door to Paul Gambi's shop says "Since 1977." The character of Black Lightning debuted in DC Comics' "Black Lightning" #1 in April of 1977.
  • Black Lightning's friend and mentor, Peter Gambi, is a tailor. In the comics, Peter's brother Paul Gambi is also a tailor, who designed the costumes for most of the Flash's super villains.
  • At 47 years old, Cress Williams (Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning) is the second oldest actor to make his debut appearance as a superhero in a live-action production. The oldest is Ron Perlman, who was 54 when he played the title character in Hellboy (2004).
  • Tobias Whale is a reference to Moby Dick. Tobias Whale is an albino African American i.e. White Whale. He's an antagonist who is the bane of the main character's existence, what drives Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning's character to the brink of madness, always slipping out of the grip of the protagonist.
    • In the later episodes, Tobias is also seen to have a Moby Dick novel on his table.


  • At the motel, when Black Lightning shoots electricity at Will's chest, the pistol Will was holding in his right hand is gone, and it isn't evident on the balcony in the crane shot when Black Lightning levitates Will over the railing.
  • When Jefferson returns to Gambi's shop to get the new Black Lightning costume, Gambi goes to the front door, draws the shade, and locks the door. However, there is clearly no lock mechanism on the door, he just touches the top of the door handle, but there is an audible click.