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"So you're telling me there's no way to ID this guy?"
Julio Mendez on the Rival[src]

The Rival suit was a protective suit worn by Edward Clariss to hide his secret identity as the Rival, the meta-human criminal and enemy to Barry Allen/The Flash, or in the Flashpoint timeline to Wally West/The Flash.


The suit is made of leather-like material, filled with black and orange colors, with a lightning symbol prominent on the torso. The suit's mask resembles a horned demon-like figure. Similar to Zoom's suit, the Rival's mask is completely separate from the rest of the suit.[1]


  • Identity concealment: Edward's full suit allowed him not to leave any hair or skin samples at any of his attacks on the CCPD, protecting his identity from the police.[1]
  • Force resistance: Like other speedsters' suits, the Rival's suit is designed to be resistant to extreme physical forces and protect the wearer from it. However, it did not protect him from bullets, leading to Edward's presumed death in the Flashpoint timeline.
  • Intimidation: The Rival's suit functions well for intimidation purposes due to its frightening appearance. Complimenting his deep vibrated voice and his red Speed Force lightning, the horned mask, and the suit's black-and-orange coloring give him the terrifying appearance of a horned dark demon. This gives him a psychological edge over his opponents, using fear to get under their guard.

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Behind the scenes[]

  • In DC Comics, Edward Clariss/The Rival utilized a suit similar to that of his nemesis, Jay Garrick/The Flash. In his first appearance, Clariss also used a balaclava along with the suit, hiding his identity. In later issues, both his suit and overall appearance were flowing with Speed Force energy, making him barely corporeal and able to possess other speedsters.
  • The costume also bares a resemblance to that of the Black Racer from New 52 DC Comics.
  • The costume in The Flash series was probably made different from the one in the comics, because this version of Edward Clariss has nothing in common with Jay Garrick, and therefore would have no reason to model his costume on Jay's.