"Listen. Obey."
—Words learned by "Snowbird" from "The Runaway Dinosaur"[src]

The Runaway Dinosaur (Russian: Сбежавший Динозавр) is a children's story book about dinosaurs on Earth-38.[1]


Red Daughter reading The Runaway Dinosaur

"Snowbird" reading "Sbezhavshiy Dinozavr"

After landing in Kaznia, Supergirl's copy was taken in by Kaznian soldiers. Kaznian military tried to teach her Kaznian variation of Russian, using a translated version of "The Runaway Dinosaur" by Ethan Rhys Helbing (Russian: Этан Рис Хелбинг). She learned a number of basic words in her training, including "Listen" and "Obey", before moving to a Russian-English dictionary. This was one of the first books read by Snowbird/Red Daughter, but only one of many.[1]



Season 4


The Runaway Dinosaur pages

"The Runaway Dinosaur" story translated to Russian.

  • The book has the same picture as the one on Earth-1, but the text is translated to Russian. The text is the same as in the Earth-1 book, and is correctly translated from English.


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