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"The Saint of Last Resorts: Part 2" is the ninth and midseason premiere episode of Constantine. It aired on January 16, 2015.





Not wanting to die like this, John decided to allow himself to be possessed by the demon Pazuzu, whom he had summoned into his body, regenerating the wound and thus chasing the terrified Invunche away. At that time, Anne Marie managed to lead the children out, handing them over to Hugo Lopez. Chas did not notice his friend, so he asked the nun where he was. She turned to him sadly and said that she was sorry, which prompted the man to re-enter the sewers. Meanwhile, Manny appeared at the exorcist, who was furious that he did not ask for help, but let the demon take over his body. He admitted that it's not like he can't help him - he just won't do it now. After the angel disappeared, Chas found John and pulled him out of the sewers.

At the same time, Zed woke up in the truck and started trying to escape, forcing the driver to stop. When he opened the door, the girl threw herself at him, gave him a sedative, then took his car and ran away, leaving him in the woods. John told Chas how he survived the meeting with the Invunche, revealing that he was now possessed. He gave himself a few days before the demon completely took control of him, but admitted that if he failed to perform the planned self-exorcism, he would have to be killed. Suddenly, John began to deteriorate and he attacked Chandler and ran away. When Chas awoke, he contacted Zed and asked her to help him with his search. It wasn't long before Constantine began to recover, and there were many dead gangsters with torn limbs around him. Behind him stood the police, which arrested the man for mass murder. They took him to a local prison, where he met Stanley Gibson from the British Consulate, who explained the whole incident to the exorcist. The man, however, could not help John, so he pounced on him, stealthily taking his wallet, and was led out by the guard. Meanwhile, Chas picked up Zed who already had a plan. She was going to find a friend using Anne Marie and her astral projection.



During the meeting with the nun, she had no intention of helping John. It was only when Zed revealed that the exorcist had a plan in this because she was talking to an angel that Anne Marie realized her mistake. Stanley Gibson was visited by Vicente, who wanted to be sure that Constantine would not be released from prison. The consul confirmed this, after which the interlocutor attacked and ate him, revealing his true figure. Meanwhile, John became acquainted with the prison trader Julio, who promised to take him to the chapel in exchange for the official's previously acquired wallet. On the way, the body of the dealer was taken over by Manny, who wanted to talk to the exorcist for a while. Constantine honestly admitted to him that he was afraid to die and was not yet ready for it. When Julio led him to the chapel, the man realized that he had been exposed to the Santa Muerta gang who wanted to avenge their murdered colleagues. It was then that Pazuzu woke up in the man who had torn the prisoners to pieces. When he woke up, he was in the prison square, where he hailed himself as the new ruler in order to have peace. After everyone parted ways, Anna Marie appeared in prison through an astral projection, finding out her friend's whereabouts.

Soon after, Zed and Chase appeared in front of the prison, who were planning to go to the prison. Chandler, also intending to go inside, decided to use the easiest way and hit the policeman, thanks to which his plan was successful. Soon after, to the surprise of John's waning, Anne Marie also appeared, who promised to help. After finding a suitable place, they began exorcising themselves. They were surprised by the fact that at this stage of possession, holy water did not affect existence. The process was interrupted by Nachash - the tempter serpent, whose aim was to finish the exorcist. But he saw that he was possessed, and was glad that they would soon be allies. In spite of everything, he attacked Chas, whose neck he broke, and in retaliation he was murdered by a nun with a mystical dagger. Soon after John awoke in the morgue next to Anne Marie, Chandler was also in the bag next to it. As the condition of the exorcist was not the best, they decided to move him to the mill. To this end, Julio collected entire supplies of heroin from all prisoners, which they then injected intravenously into Constantine. This gave them a way to take him to a specific location, but to distract the guards, Anne Marie used astral projection to create a naked copy of herself.



After reaching the mill, taking advantage of John's unconsciousness, the team began to prepare the necessary things by tying the possessed man to the bed. When he awoke, he realized that he could not use the dictaphone because the demon would not listen to his voice. So he asked Anne Marie to perform an exorcism as she had the appropriate powers. However, she had to do it in Catholic, which allowed her to know the existence of Heaven and Hell. She agreed to this, warning Zed and Chas that at some point the demon would try to use their weaknesses against them. Anne has not forgiven herself for what she has done in Newcastle, and Pazuzu has taken control of Constantin. He started mocking his friends, trying to break them down and pointing out their greatest failures. Zed explained to the nun that she also had to forgive herself, not only John, which would allow her to successfully complete the ritual. When the demon left the exorcist's body, Constantine thanked his friends for their help and would stay with him in such a difficult time. Soon after saying goodbye, Anne Marie persuaded Martin to tell her loved ones the truth about her past. John himself said goodbye to the nun, apologizing to her for all his mistakes and promising to change.


  • Pazuzu was portrayed in "The Exorcist" as the demon king possessing the young girl in the movie.


  • Chas says that Constantine "cast" a demon to save himself. Constantine also uses the word in the context of demons during the series. This is wrong, and is a basic misunderstanding of how Kabbalistic and Enochian magic is "supposed" to actually work. It's correct to say that magical spells are cast, but when a supernatural entity such as the demon Pazuzu already exists and is brought to the magician's location - usually from a spiritual plane and against its will - this is not "casting a spell." The magician probably will cast spells of binding and defence to hold the demon safely and prevent it attacking him, but the act of calling forth a demon is correctly called a "summoning."
  • Before a Catholic exorcism ritual, all participants must be confessed and absolved of their sins, and then take communion. Otherwise the demon can use their unconfessed sins as a weak spot or their spiritual isolation from the Church and from Christ (communion is affirming the Catholic as a member of the body of the Church) in order to attack them. For a demon as powerful as Pazuzu is supposed to be, that would be critical.