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For the eponymous character, see Astra Logue.

"The Satanist's Apprentice" is the fifth episode of the sixth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the eighty-seventh episode overall. It aired on June 6, 2021.



Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley

While living in John Constantine's house, Astra Logue was happy to live the mortal life, but was judged by her neighbor, Robert Truss, which made Astra upset. Astra was trying to ask John Constantine for help, but John was not paying attention to her since he was very busy with the Legends. The days passed and Astra began to get bored with her life.

Astra was in the attic and heard a mysterious voice. There, she met Aleister Crowley, who was trapped in a painting. Crowley knew Astra very well and told Astra that Constantine locked him in the painting. He then took advantage of Astra getting tired of her mortal life. Crowley then offered to teach Astra magic, to which she accepted. Bishop introduced himself to Sara Lance and she found out that Bishop was responsible for her abduction and while Bishop was singing, Sara fell unconscious.

Nurse Ava

Nurse Ava

Sara woke up on a stretcher and there she would meet Nurse Ava and Bishop told his origin and also that he is using alien DNA to combine it with human DNA and forge a new civilization, and also revealed that he created the Ava Clones and left Sara in her own room to wait for Sara to agree to join their cause. Crowley taught Astra the spell known as Permuto that was capable of converting one thing to another and bodies could also be exchanged. At that moment, John appeared and was upset that Crowley took advantage of Astra's despair and Astra argued with John about what she suffered with the house bills and angrily used the Swap so that Crowley was in Constantine's body and John was trapped in the painting and John kept warning that Crowley was dangerous, but she ignored him and Astra prepared to learn more spells from Crowley.

Astra was still training with Crowley and they both wore fancy clothes, and Astra wanted to push her limits. Sara threatened Ava by ordering her to let her out, but Ava said not to help her because disobedience is not part of her DNA, and Sara tried to convince her to make her decisions and stop following Bishop's orders. John tried to convince Astra to stop following Crowley and John would make amends for everything that happened to her, but Astra was still furious with him because he never pays attention to him. Crowley spoke with John and revealed that he and his new ward found the Fountain of the Empire (a fountain where there is magic without limits) and Crowley locked John in the attic just as he did with it. Astra was preparing for Crowley's spell, but the Legends, after their mission in Cuba, came to the House to be their new base which made Astra upset that they shouldn't be here, and the Legends asked him many questions for which Astra turned them into objects and promised to return them to their original form and Astra told Crowley that it is time to truly power. Crowley and Astra created a magic container amulet so that Astra has more power and the missing ingredient was a living human soul which made Astra call Robert so that his soul serves as the last ingredient of the amulet and the Legends tried to convince Astra not to kill his neighbor even though he's a jerk, but Astra ignored them.

Nurse Ava changed her mind and went to Sara's room to help her escape and together they escaped. Astra was ready to steal Robert's soul with the amulet, but she realized that she shouldn't kill him and tried to get him out of the house, but was discovered by Crowley and Crowley took the amulet stealing Robert's soul and becoming more powerful and Astra He tried to return it to the painting without success and Crowley had become immune to any spell and disappointed in Astra, he used a spell and turned them all into an animation.

Aleister Crowley is defeated

The Legends defeat Crowley.

Astra tried to confront Crowley, but failed and the Legends were released by Astra to help her, but Crowley managed to catch the Legends to steal their soul and locked Astra in the attic there Astra would meet John, who is still in the painting, and John told Astra that Natalie Logue make a spell to weaken the magic and she created it in case one day he got out of control with his powers and Astra found the book with the lyrics to the song and with the help of Spooner and John, Astra along with her friends went bravely to confront Crowley. Crowley was about to take his soul from the Legends, but was stopped by Astra, who began to sing the song from the book. Crowley was being weakened and the Legends were released to help as well and Crowley turned into a giant demon, but he was no match for Astra and Astra finished singing the song and managed to weaken Crowley by returning him to the painting and John returning to his body and the Legends were human again and everything returned to normal and Astra brought a revived Robert out of her home.

The next day, John locked Crowley in the attic again and Crowley tried to convince him to find the Fountain of Empire, but John was already fed up with Crowley's theories and John apologized to Astra for everything that happened and Astra agreed learn new magic together with John. Sara and Ava were ready to escape and Sara saw the Clones approaching and realized that it was all a trap planned by Ava and she had told Bishop about Sara's plan to escape and Sara faced the Clones, successfully defeating them and managed to assassinate Bishop, but she was shot by a tranquilizer dart and passed out again. Sara woke up in Bishop's room and he appeared before her and told her that they are more united in a nutshell now they are inseparable.



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  • This is the first episode of the series to not feature Mick Rory. However, this is the second episode not to feature Dominic Purcell, as Mick only apperared as Chronos in "Night of the Hawk".
    • This leaves no characters to appear in every episode of the series.
  • Many initially assumed that the title referred to Constantine and Astra; however it turned out to be Crowley as the teacher instead.
  • The title is a parody of the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe poem "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", as popularized by its adaptation in the 1940 film Fantasia.
  • Natalie Logue's spell didn't just exorcise Crowley, it removed Constantine's magic; leaving him powerless.
  • Astra turning the Legends into household objects is reminiscent of the Disney film Beauty and the Beast.
    • The objects that Astra turns the Legends into are:
      • Ava: binder
      • Spooner: fork
      • Nate: wheel of cheese
      • Behrad: candlestick
      • Zari: flip phone.
    • The Legends forms reflect them in some way.
      • Ava: being organized.
      • Spooner: a silverware pun on her name.
      • Nate: He's cheesy and his defense is full of holes.
      • Behrad: Fries his head with drugs.
      • Zari: Always on her phone.
    • Other Disney homages in the episode are:
      • Astra's cartoon form is very similar to Tiana from The Princess and the Frog.
      • Behrad, as a candlestick, uses his fire to torch the bad guy in the butt much like Lumiere did against one of Gaston’s henchmen.
      • At one point, Crowley (in Constantine’s body) turns into the Chernabog from the "Night on Bald Mountain" segment of Fantasia.
  • Bishop has Sara watching the TV series, Wynonna Earp which apparently span 15 whole seasons. In the real world, said series only ran for 5 seasons with the final season ending in 2021.
    • This mention was to pay back the series own mention of Sara Lance from an August 2020 episode.[1]
    • Sara says the show really found its footing in Season 2, a reference to DC's Legends of Tomorrow.
    • Nurse Ava also makes reference to shipping "Wayhaught" which is the fan name for the pairing between the characters of Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught.
    • Wynonna Earp's 15 seasons run is probably reference to Supernatural, the CW's all-hands down longest-run TV series concluding after 15 seasons.


  • The episode was mistakenly titled "The Satanist's apprentice" (lowercase) in its script.[2]
  • When talking on the phone, Astra claims that time moves differently in Hell. This is an inconsistency, as Tabitha was sent to Hell in 1692 and confirmed in 2019 that she had been in Hell for 327 years, which would imply that time in Hell moves at the same rate as on Earth.
    • Astra most likely made that comment since she rapidly aged in Hell since if she was never sent to hell to hell then then she would be an teenaged girl not a young woman which was acknowledged in this episode due to her "official" age on record when Astra has difficulty looking for a job.