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"He eats their sins?"
"Yes. So they go on to the afterlife. He takes their sins as his own."
Oliver Queen and Anatoly Knyazev on Oliver's role as "the Sin-Eater"

"The Sin-Eater" is the fourteenth episode of the fifth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-sixth episode overall. It aired on February 22, 2017.



The scene opens with Diggle and Oliver getting ready it meet Justin Clayborne's special lady. Oliver approaches the lady for her child's name, however she doesn't need Oliver to confine him up. She says that her child is harmed and terrified, and that she will not help. The lady at that point shows Oliver out.

China White, Warner, and Cupid overpower two watchmen on a jail transport and head to Star City.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Dinah cautions the group about the breakout while Felicity utilizes a "sniffer gadget" to check whether Prometheus' mom has had any contact with her child. Diggle specifies that Dinah's getting sworn in today as the most up to date individual from Star City's police division.

Susan Williams shows up at City Hall and inquires as to whether he's the Green Arrow. Oliver quickly reacts "yes", however strolls back and says it's a joke. Susan makes reference to that she's taking a shot at a story and asks again...this time on the record, yet he keeps on denying it.

In a flashback, Anatoli and Oliver attempt to design their assault on Gregor. Oliver offers to remain close by until they can execute Gregor, however says he needs to head home when this is completely wrapped up. Gregor specifies that Oliver is a wrongdoing eater, a man who takes the transgressions of others so they can go to the hereafter.

Oliver swears Dinah into the SCPD. A while later, Thea gets some information about Oliver's discussion with Susan and is frightened that Susan tracked down Oliver's subsequent character. Quentin comes up to them and notices the jail departure and requests to join Oliver since "it's close to home."

Felicity focuses Green Arrow and Quentin to a Chinese Triad lair, where China White and the others cleared out an entire group of pack individuals. Quentin says they have to discover the escapees before they drop further bodies.

Oliver makes a beeline for the Arrow Cave and breaks down a video demonstrating the escapees in real life. Oliver catches China White get some information about a safe and says they have to make sense of what she's discussing before they abandon further bodies.

In a flashback, Oliver accompanies Anatoli out of the medical clinic, murdering a few of Gregor's men all the while.

The new SCPD boss gets an earnest letter. He says to assemble the whole Anti-Crime Unit in a short time.

Thea informs Felicity concerning Susan Williams, so Felicity hacks into Susan's PC and discovers the entirety of Susan's information on Oliver.

Wild Dog and Mr. Astounding track down an enduring Triad part and discover the three escapee are following Tobias Church's $100 million store, which he never got the chance to spend he kicked the bucket.

While looking through one of Church's old safehouses, Oliver inquires as to whether he's alright with Dinah turning into the following Black Canary. Quentin says he's alright with it, as long as Dinah does Laurel pleased. They're hindered by discharges, as Warner, Cupid, and China White have shown up. Quentin pursues Warner, while Oliver battles Cupid and China White. Quentin discovers that Warner went dull again subsequent to discovering that Quentin worked with Damien Darhk. In the mean time, the ACU shows up...and declares that Green Arrow will now be taken to jail for the homicide of Detective Malone!

Oliver utilizes a flare to escape from the ACU and surges back to the Arrow Cave to tell the remainder of the group. Oliver chooses to utilize his mayoral capacity to discover why the ACU is pursuing him.

Back at City Hall, the ACU boss hands over Malone's coroner report which says he was executed by one of Green Arrow's bolt. Oliver attempts to clarify that the Green Arrow wasn't included, yet the main says that the Green Arrow is a copkiller. After the ACU boss leaves, Oliver says that Prometheus is behind this, as the coroner's report originated from Opal City, where Prometheus' mom lives.

Oliver at that point discovers that Susan Williams has been terminated for supposedly appropriating material. She says the planning is dubious, since it happened following she inquired as to whether Oliver was the Green Arrow. Oliver says she knew nothing about it, yet Susan gets him out and enlightens him concerning all the proof she got. She at that point stomps out of Oliver's office.

Obviously, Oliver didn't hack Susan's PC, however he realizes who did it. Oliver stands up to Felicity and discovers that Thea is behind everything.

One of the Gregor's men advises Anatoli to hand over Oliver or bite the dust, so Oliver eagerly surrenders himself to spare his companion.

Quentin enlightens Thea concerning Warner, yet Thea says that he needs to quit reprimanding himself for the wrongdoings of others.

China White and the others discover one of Bertinelli's men and request he takes them to Church's "blustery day account".

Later that night, Oliver gets some information about Susan, however Thea is quite unrepentant about securing her sibling. Oliver is increasingly worried that Thea so easily crushed a lady's life and asks how she could do that to an individual. Quentin comes in and educates Oliver about Warner and the others, yet Oliver says they have to let the cops handle it. Oliver says that despite the fact that Prometheus organized things, he shot the bolt. Be that as it may, Quentin says that he's never let anybody stop him.

Oliver chooses to take another go at the ACU boss. He clarifies the conditions of Malone's demise to the police, and afterward says that he and Chase attempted to keep it calm to shield the city from alarm. Oliver requests that the central let Green Arrow continue being a legend, yet the main says he'll have to think on it. A short time later, Felicity says she's discovered Warner and the others.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Felicity gives Dinah her own cover before they head out into the field. In the interim, the ACU equips to pursue Green Arrow once more.

Warner and the others discover Church's cash in a tomb, however they're promptly encircled by Green Arrow and his group. Be that as it may, Warner uncovers she has a little armed force on her side (paid off ahead of time). Things separate in a rush, Wild Dog gets shot, and Mr. Terrific gets joined forces against by Cupid and Warner. Green Arrow attempts to stop China White, yet the ACU appears. Rather than shooting Green Arrow, the ACU boss shoots China White while his men get together Cupid, Warner, and their employed assistance.

A short time later, Green Arrow thanks the ACU boss and apologizes about Malone's demise. Green Arrow additionally gives the boss a major indication about his actual character, which the cop appears to get on.

Quentin gives Warner an affectionate goodbye and gives Dinah a couple of inspirational statements a while later.

Thea apologizes to Oliver. Oliver says that Thea didn't commit an error, she settled on a decision. Oliver says that Thea helped them a great deal to remember her mom, who likewise made extreme choices...but not really the correct ones.

The scene closes with Chase jumping into Oliver's office and saying that they have a major issue. Somebody has cautioned the report about Oliver concealing Malone's passing, which could trigger his arraignment.


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Preparation ran from November 30 until December 8, 2016. Filming ran from December 9, 2016 until January 5, 2017.[1]


  • The title of this episode references the name Oliver received from when Anatoly referred to him as a "sin-eater", a person who he says in some cultures lives on the edge of a village, placing fruits and vegetables on the body of any recently deceased, thus 'eating' their sins and taking their sins as his own, allowing them to walk free to the afterlife. This is used in relation to Oliver's need to take out Pakhan Gregor, who attacked Anatoly.
  • Amanda Westfield's house is the same house used for Barry Allen's original home on The Flash.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Chien Na Wei in present-day since "Identity".