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"Smart enough to figure out who Harrison Wells really is, you see I know his secret."
Hartley reveals he knows something about Wells

"The Sound and the Fury" is the eleventh episode of the first season of The Flash, and the eleventh episode overall. It aired on January 27, 2015.




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The Flash is talked through capturing multiple men by Wells, the Royal Flush Gang on bikes; Barry manages to swiftly capture them and are taken to police. After he returns to S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry and the team take a photo together. Barry then heads home and learns Iris was over Joe's home. Iris says that she had forgot things. Joe invites Iris to dinner but Iris turns it down and then learns that she received a call from the paper. She then learns that she has a job at the Central City paper.

Harrison heads home and once the door is closed, stands up from his chair. He begins to walk, showing that yet again he is hiding something. A little later, he has a fire going and music going as he sips wine. His cell goes off and he answers it. No one picks it up at first until a voice says, "We both know what you did," before all the glass roof of his house break. He speeds away from the broken glass in a red flash.

The next morning Barry and Joe show up and Harrison is back in his chair. He apologizes to them and he makes up a reason for the accident. Caitlin and Cisco show up and tell Barry that they had never been to Wells' home.

Two years before, Wells is playing chess with a man when Cisco knocks on the window. The man is Hartley and he isn't too happy to meet Cisco due to his wardrobe choices. Hartley is jealous.

Eddie walks over to Joe and they talk about how something didn't add up since Harrison couldn't walk. Barry uses his powers to fix the windows to find the point of impact. Harrison tells Barry that he already knew who did this. Later in S.T.A.R. Labs, Harrison explains who Hartley is and how they had a disagreement a year before. Barry and Joe headed out. In the past, Cisco and Hartley walk around when they met up with Caitlin who is on her way out to meet Ronnie. Hartley believes that Cisco will only last a week.

Iris heads to her first day at the job and she sits down next to Mason. The editor walks in and Iris learns that the editor only wants her to cover the Flash.

Barry is in his lab with Joe talking about how the glass had to break. Eddie then enters and tells them about Hartley heading to his family's company. The cops show up and Hartley is destroying windows. The flash then shows up Hartley threatens Caitlin, Cisco, and Harrison. Hartley mentions knowing Harrison's secret. Hartley is then brought to S.T.A.R. Labs and mentions his name as the pied piper. When they lock up Harley, he insults both Caitlin and Cisco until Harrison shows up. Harrison tells him he didn't want him to turn out like he did. Hartley however knows that Harrison is saying it for Barry's benefit. Harrison then learns that Hartley mentioned him having a secret. Harrison tells them that his secret was that he knew that the particle explosion had a chance of exploding ahead of time. He then apologized to Caitlin and Cisco. Caitlin tells him she expects a heads up next time before leaving, along with Cisco. Barry then says that the duo who left stayed by his side and that they needed more of an apology. Barry then says that he broke their trust before leaving.

Iris is at work and tries to talk to her editor and learns that she is only there due her flash connection.

After work, she heads to Jitters to meet Barry. She tells him about her day and Barry just says that people they admire differ in real life. Barry believes in her, something she likes.

Cisco and Caitlin are looking through Hartley's things when they realize that Hartley wanted to be caught. He then escaped. Harrison was in his secret room standing when they learn of the breach. Hartley removes stuff from his ear and explodes a bomb, freeing himself and injuring Cisco. He then heads to Caitlin and knocks her out. He takes back his stuff and goes on the computer as Harrison lost his strength. He then calls Barry and so Barry heads out, leaving Iris alone. Harrison is on the floor when Hartley finds him. However, when Barry shows up to Harrison, he is in a chair and Hartley is gone. Cisco had a concussion.

In the past, Harrison and Hartley met up by and Hartley brings up the issues. However, Harrison fires him and threatens him before sending him away.

In the police station, Iris and Mason show up to the press conference. Harrison begins to talk about the explosion, as Hartley uploads files that he had taken from S.T.A.R. Labs. Harrison apologizes on TV for what happened. When Mason asks a question, Harrison ignores it and answers it when Iris asks the same. Mason is surprised when Iris's gumption.

With Cisco wanting something to prove, Harrison approached and told Cisco how his heart added to the work experience there. He says how there was no second or first favorite.

Hartley then hacks into S.T.A.R. Labs and talks to them as if it was the game of chess. Hartley admits to planning to take out pawns while waiting for the Flash. Upon learning where Hartley is, Barry rushes off and manages to save a woman from a falling car. Cisco admits that due to Hartley stealing his scans, he could harm the flash. As it is, Harrison hacks a frequency to harm Hartley's weapons to save the flash. It destroys Hartley's gloves, upseting him. Barry gets up and sees Hartley is on the ground.

Cisco, Barry, and Caitlin talk about how Barry is doing. Cisco then decides to lay down and Caitlin follows, leaving Harrison and Barry alone. Harrison tells Barry that he wants to restore his trust and Barry says that it was today. He then gives him a copy of the photo they took.

Barry speeds off and heads to talk to Joe. Barry tells Joe that it couldn't have been easy taking care of him growing up since he had been in science. He tells Joe that no one could replace him, not even Wells. Eddie walks up and tells Joe that there was nothing. Eddie asks if Joe is sure about looking into Wells.

Hartley wakes up and learns that he is locked up. Hartley then mentions knowing about Ronnie and how to save him.

In his hidden room, Harrison is trying to keep the device that he had stolen to keep his speed. However it wasn't working.




  • This is the second appearance of the Royal Flush Gang in the Arrowverse. They were previously featured in the Arrow episode "Legacies", though this is a different version with apparently no connection to the former one. This version consists of Ace, King and Queen. The actors who portrayed them are unknown.
  • The title of the episode is taken from the novel by William Faulkner.
  • During the press conference, Dr. Wells says that he failed the city. "You have failed this city" is what the Arrow says to his targets before he takes them down.
  • Barry time travels back to the events of this episode in season 2's "Flash Back" and season 5's "What's Past is Prologue".
    • In "Flash Back", a new scene with Eddie and Joe is shown, taking place at the time of this episode and being one of the few things in the original time period not to be a result of Barry's time travel.
    • In this episode, Hartley says "Your silence speaks volumes" to Dr. Wells in Latin. In "Flash Back", Wells is the one to say it to Hartley, as a result of Barry changing the timeline.
  • The photo taken of Team Flash in this episode would later appear in "Nora", "The Icicle Cometh", and "Good-Bye Vibrations".
  • In the season 6 episode "Pay the Piper", one of the Crisis changes is that the battle on the bridge now had Hartley have a trio of sound-weapon guards that Barry took down as well. Barry threw a lightning bolt at one of the guards, which just so happened to have been Hartley's boyfriend Roderick Smith, when said guard shot the sound rifle at Barry. The combination of lightning and sound accidentally destabilized Roderick's body resulting in him being sent to Mercury Labs to prevent his death.
  • This episode has the first direct mention by name of the Speed Force in the series Gideon mentions it by name when Wells is working with the tachyon device to get his speed back.