"The Spooky Crew's been on a bit of a spree."
Felicity Smoak[src]

An unnamed gang of criminals using skull-like masks, nicknamed the "Spooky Crew" by Felicity Smoak, were a group of robbers from Star City. The group was led by Eric Dunn, who organized the crew multiple times after leaving prison on parole. The last variation of the crew was targeted by Vigilante.


The Spooky Crew prepare to use their masks.

At one point of time, Eric Dunn decided to use scare tactics to help him in his robberies, using a skull mask. SCPD collared him in 2011 for multiple armed robberies, sentenced for 13 years in prison. However, before he could serve 8 more years of his punishment, he was released on parole. After that, Dunn formed a new crew, which managed to hit up 7 banks in 3 states over two weeks in late 2016. The latest variation of the crew assaulted the Star City National Bank, at first posing as a team of construction workers, before blowing a hole in the bank's wall, putting on their masks and venturing forth into the bank. However, the crew was attacked by Vigilante, and decided to escape, leaving one gangster, Rickie Jenkins, behind, who was soon discovered by Team Arrow, dying of blood loss.[1]

The crew then decided to try another bank, taking the cash and killing one of the guards, only to be apprehended by Team Arrow, who immediately had to fight off the murderous Vigilante. Eric Dunn, however, escaped. Oliver Queen, as the mayor, saw Adrian Chase question a gang member, Laura Buser, on Eric's location, getting the results through intimidation, figuring Papp Motel to be Eric's location. The Green Arrow found and apprehended Eric, who confessed that his initial arrest was a set-up, as the District Attorney office wanted a scapegoat for the crime he didn't commit. Green Arrow then had to protect Eric from the Vigilante's armed assault, eventually escaping and placing the Spooky Crew leader in "protective custody" under the Arrowcave. Team Arrow then, at John Diggle's suggestion, decided to stage a bank robbery attempt in the guise of "the Spooky Crew" at Star City Trust Bank, luring out Vigilante, who escaped. Afterwards, Dunn was later tuned over to SCPD.[1]


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Behind the scenes

  • While there's no gang named the "Spooky Crew" in DC Comics, the team is similar to SKULL, a team of thieves dressed up as skeletons founded and led by the Atomic Skull. The SKULL members stole a number of S.T.A.R. Labs tech to battle Superman, and recruited many rogue S.T.A.R. scientists.
    • Furthermore, a similar group called "The Skeleton Crew" appeared as henchmen of Scarecrow in the DCAU-based "Batman: The Adventures Continue" #10, armed with assault rifles and using skull masks.
    • Another "Skeleton Crew", consisting of supernatural living skeletons, inhabited DC's Wildstorm Universe.
  • The gang's name may be based on the eponymous comedy group.


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