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The Star City Star, formerly known as The Starling City Star, was one of Star City's main newspapers.


The Starling City Star reported Sara Lance's presumed death on the Queen's Gambit.[1]

Oliver Queen reads a news article on his father's burial

Oliver reads news articles on him and his father.

Oliver Queen has read various articles from The Starling City Star, including pieces on the Queen's Gambit's disappearance at sea and his father Robert Queen's burial.[2]

The Starling City Star reported a vigilante, "The Hood", saving a kidnapped Oliver and Tommy Merlyn.[3]

The newspaper published an article on Martin Somers' claim of innocence against murder allegations.[4]

The Starling City Star's article on Peter Declan

Oliver reads an article on Peter Declan.

While looking into Peter Declan's case, Oliver read an article published by The Starling City Star on Peter's arrest. Ankov also read the newspaper in anticipation for Peter's execution.[3]

In late 2012, The Starling City Star reported a tuberculosis outbreak in Lamb Valley.[5]

The newspaper printed an article about Adam Hunt's "fall from grace" after his loss of Hunt Multinational.[6]

In early 2013, The Starling City Star reported Thea Queen going to trial for a DUI charge.[4]

The newspaper reported George Wolfman missing.[7]

Felicity Smoak read a piece from The Starling City Star on Walter Steele's disappearance.[8]

The Starling City Star reported that a member of the Chinese Triad was arrested for an attempted hit on Malcolm Merlyn.[4]

In April 2013, the newspaper reported Senator Patterson's death at the hands of an unknown sniper.[9]

The Starling City Star wrote a piece on CNRI's lawsuit against Edward Rasmus likely being dropped after the plaintiff's deaths.[10]

In October 2013, Felicity read an online article from The Starling City Star about US Marine Jeff Deveau returning home during her research into The Hoods.[11]

The Starling City Star reported Quentin Lance's arrest of serial killer Barton Mathis aka "The Dollmaker" back in 2007. After Mathis escaped, he used the article to send a message to Quentin.[12]

Sometime prior to fall 2017, the newspaper's name was changed to The Star City Star to reflect the change in Star City's name.

In October 2017, The Star City Star published an article regarding Oliver's initial lack of dedication to his job as mayor, including him missing a city council meeting.[13]

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