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"The Strongman Cometh" is the first chapter of the comic book series The Flash: Season Zero, and the first chapter in the Freak Show arc. It was released digitally on September 8, 2014. It was released in a printed collection on October 1, 2014.[1]


What happens when a new gang of meta-humans shows up in town? And what happens when one of them is way, way stronger than Barry? And what about when Barry discovers that the love of his life is in a secret relationship with one of his co-workers?? All this and more in our stunning first chapter![2]


As a pillar was about to fall on him, Barry Allen's life flashed before his eyes.

He recalled the night of December 11, 2013, on which the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded, releasing a bunch of unknown substances, causing a badly-timed storm to form near his lab, striking him with a bolt of lightning. Rather than killing him, he noted how the lightning altered his DNA, causing him to be given the ability of super speed. Nine months later, he woke up from his coma in S.T.A.R. Labs, meeting Cisco Ramon, Harrison Wells and Caitlin Snow. Wells explained what had happened, and later they tested how fast "super speed" really was. He soon went back to the daily grind of work, while also clumsily making his way around Iris West, his boss's daughter, and foster sister. Unluckily for Barry, Iris had begun dating Eddie Thawne. The police were called to a situation at Central City National Bank, to which Barry suited up and rushed there. On his way he saved a number of dogs. Once there, he fought a rather large man with a notable handlebar moustache. The man struck down with his barbell, simply hitting the steps while Barry sped to the other side of him. Barry attempted to punch him repeatedly, only for the strongman to throw him in to a pillar, back to the present time.

Barry sped out just in time to not get crushed. Not wanting Joe or Eddie to see him, Barry ran away, his injuries having healed quickly due to his abilities. Barry believed the city to have become like a circus.

Outside the city, the strongman entered an actual circus tent. He gave a key that he'd stolen to a man. He further explained how Barry had caused a problem, outwitting him with his super speed. The man rebutted that he saw it as more of an opportunity than a problem.


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  • The title is a variation on the 1939 Eugene O'Neill play "The Iceman Cometh".