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"I'm writing a novel. "The Tales of H.R. Wells". Catchy, I know."
H.R. Wells[src]

The Tales of H.R. Wells is the name of an upcoming novel by Harrison "H.R." Wells of Earth-19, in which he intends to present his adventures through the multiverse in a fictionalized form.[1]


At some point during his affiliation with S.T.A.R. Labs of Earth-19, H.R. Wells became a fiction writer. After being exposed as a fraud scientist on his Earth, H.R. tried to escape defamation and restore his reputation. With the help of Randolf Morgan, the head of S.T.A.R. Labs sent a holographic message to Earth-1, auditioning for the new Wells on Team Flash. H.R.'s intention, which he initially tried to hide from the rest of the team, was to collect material for his upcoming semi-autobiographical book, even framing his interactions with Cisco Ramon as part of a narrative for his novel.[1]


The Flash[]

Season 3[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • The book's title may be a reference to Tales of Space and Time by H.G. Wells, a well-known science-fiction writer; H.R.'s moniker is a reference to H.G. Wells.


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