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For the eponymous group, see Thanatos Guild.
"Like me, you are an Heiress to the Demon. That is something you can never truly run from."
Nyssa al Ghul to Thea Queen about her father

"The Thanatos Guild" is the sixteenth episode of the sixth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-thirty-first episode overall. It aired on March 29, 2018.



"The Thanatos Guild" begins with a flashback of Thea talking with Malcolm Merlyn.

Present day, individuals from the League of Assassins accumulate to talk about the replacement of Malcolm as the top of the League. Nyssa — who's been outsider from the League — is covert with a portion of her countrymen, and they start battling with the lady in control.

At Arrow HQ, Thea's messing with William about Oliver's previous dread of the dim. In the wake of messing with them, Oliver pulls Diggle aside to talk about who's going to wear the Green Arrow ensemble.

Dinah and Curtis are at Rene's condo attempting to discover which degenerate cops are on Diaz's finance.

Thea and Roy are driving when their vehicle is assaulted by a rebel individual from the League. Nyssa dives in to spare the pair.

Nyssa comes back to Arrow HQ with Thea and Roy. They uncover to Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity that Malcolm had recently enlisted supporters — lead by Athena — before his takeoff, and those are the individuals in quest for Thea, thinking she has ownership of a guide they're searching for.

Nyssa cautions that regardless of whether Thea and Roy leave Star City, this new society will keep following them down except if they hand over the guide. Stressed over the security of herself and Roy, Thea consents to go with Nyssa to take a stab at finding said map.

Dinah's at the area of a manslaughter when Captain Hill dubiously appears and excuses Dinah from the case. Dinah messages Curtis to look at Hill and check whether there's any proof she's one of the messy cops.

Nyssa and Thea track down a previous League part who knows the whereabouts of the guide. She draws a guide for the pair. Nyssa advises Thea to call her sibling and Team Arrow for reinforcement as they close in on the guide's area.

Nyssa, Thea, Oliver, Roy, and Diggle merge on a stockroom that is clearly fixed with booby traps. In the wake of passing a couple of the snares, Nyssa finds the guide caught in a safe underneath the concrete. She utilizes a projectile to get it out, however when she does, Athena and a gathering of toxophilite rappel from the roof.

A battle breaks out between the two gatherings as Thea attempts to escape with the guide. While Oliver, Diggle, and Nyssa can make snappy work of the associates, Athena can thump Thea and Roy both down. As she's remaining over them agonizing, she's shot with a bolt, permitting the entire group to get away.

As they rendezvous back at Arrow HQ, Nyssa offers to take the safe and discover how to open it up herself, yet Thea persuades her to remain with the group. They task Felicity with hacking the safe.

Dinah and Curtis are in the police division attempting to uncover progressively earth on Captain Hill. Curtis sidesteps the security of the proof room while Dinah goes inside to take a gander at proof while Curtis remains outside to keep watch.

Sooner rather than later, a cop strolls by seeing Curtis. Acting ignorant, Curtis asserts he's lost and persuades the cop to give him a visit through the police office.

Back at Arrow HQ, Oliver converses with Nyssa about their past orchestrated marriage. As they're talking, Felicity declares that she found a break for the safe. Thea inputs the code and opens the safe, and when she takes the guide out, the gathering understands the bit of material is clear.

Attempting to check whether it's utilizing shrouded ink, Felicity holds the guide over a Bunsen burner to check whether the ink will actuate, yet it gives off an impression of being an impasse.

Roy and Thea are out in the corridor discussing their future together. Roy communicates his instability of Thea's appearing failure to leave Star City.

Dinah and Curtis are at New Team Arrow HQ inspecting the proof they took from the police headquarters, yet can't make ay clear associations.

Oliver's attempting to persuade Thea to take Roy and leave Star City, asserting that he, along the remainder of the group, will shield the couple from Athena. As they're talking, Diggle runs in to illuminate the kin that they may have gotten an area on Athena's refuge.

The gathering gets ready and heads to the area, where Thea coaxes Athena out by presenting the guide. Athena approaches Thea, uncovering that the guide's ink won't seem except if it interacts with blood.

Felicity discovers the area they're at is fixed with C4, and Roy takes a shot at deactivating it. As he's ready to deactivate it, Athena and Thea battle. Nyssa's ready to shoot Athena, who's then ready to get away.

As yet holding the guide, Thea looks down to see her blood has spilled onto the material, enacting the ink.

Felicity breaks down the guide and discovers that Malcolm utilized first rate innovation for the ink to show just if certain proteins from Thea's blood were available.

Taking a gander at the guide, Nyssa understands that the guide prompts three diverse Lazarus Pits.

Curtis is at the police division, and he moves toward Nick, the cop that gave Curtis a visit, to ask him out on the town. Scratch concurs, and they choose a date. Dinah sees Curtis and approaches him. She illuminates him that she discovered that Captain Hill has discharged the entirety of the Vertigo in the proof storage for Ricardo Diaz to sell.

Thea chooses she needs to go with Nyssa to decimate the Lazarus Pits, and Roy consents to go with. Nyssa repeals her marriage with Oliver, and he says goodbye to Thea and Roy as they leave Star City.


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  • This is the final episode of Arrow to feature Willa Holland (Thea Queen) as a series regular.
  • The title of this episode comes from the name of another group of League of Assassins, which was led by Malcolm until Athena took charge.
    • "Thanatos" is the Greek word for "Death", aligning with Malcolm's goal to cheat death.
  • Going to look for Malcolm's map, Felicity asks whether the traps laid around the location housing it are more comparable to "Raiders or Temple of Doom", referencing two films in the Indiana Jones franchise.
    • Thea later tells Felicity that it's more like Raiders, before triggering a trap that shoots arrows, similar to a scene in the aforementioned film.
  • The cap Roy wears is a callback to him wearing a cap in the New 52 Red Hood and the Outlaws series, and the DC Rebirth comics.
  • Felicity makes a reference to the Hellraiser franchise due to the map's box's resemblance to the Lament Configuration.
  • Curtis mentions that Dinah's murder board is making him feel "very Alan J. Pakula", referencing the notable film director, writer, and producer.
  • When Roy and Felicity are trying to figure out how to defuse the bomb, Roy suggests, "I can freeze it, I've done that before". This is a reference to the episode "The Calm" where Roy freezes a bomb that's about to detonate underneath Rockets Arena, as per Felicity's instructions.
  • In Thea and Oliver's last scene together, Oliver says "I'm gonna miss you so much", to which Thea responds, "You'll be with me the whole time." This mirrors their first scene together in "Pilot", where after Oliver and Thea are reunited after five years, Thea tells Oliver, "I missed you so much" and he replies, "You were with me the whole time."


  • When figuring out the first two numbers of the Fibonnacci sequence to unlock the safe, Nyssa says 10 and 13, as 1013 was the year the Guild of Assassins was founded. However, 10 is not in the sequence; 8 is the number before 13.