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For the eponymous character, see Kal-El (Inverse World).

"The Thing in the Mines" is the third episode of the second season of Superman & Lois, and the eighteenth episode overall. It aired on January 25, 2022.



The episode begins with Superman tumbling out the sky, crash-landing on the floor after being caught off his game. The headaches are getting worse and trying to hone in on the signal from the mines is debilitating him. Clark can’t tell Anderson either, leaving him with no other choice but to lean on John, encouraging him to go and investigate the mines to find out what’s happening.

Meanwhile, Jordan continues to reel over the situation with Sarah. Jonathan spins things around though, telling his brother it’s good that she was honest and suggests he do the same thing regarding his powers. I mean, it’s not quite the same thing as cheating but you can understand his way of thinking. So, Jordan is left to contemplate whether to tell her about his powers.

When Clark finds out what Jordan intends to do, the pair end up arguing outside. Jordan mentions how he wants to marry Sarah, causing Clark to snap, shouting “no you don’t” with a menacing growl. This catches Clark completely off-guard, unsure exactly what’s going on with him.

At school, things end up escalating further. Jonathan learns that his girlfriend Candice has been selling drugs to his rival on the football team, eventually leading to a fight between the two. Clark eventually jumps in but once again he loses control of his temper, singing his hands with his heat vision in the locker room. It appears that whatever is going on at the mines, the anger of this creature is being channeled through Superman. For now, Clark and the gang are all left with little in the way of answers, something they hope to remedy through John’s investigation.

John heads up to the construction site and is taken down into the depths, where he finds spatters of blood. Of course, he lets his guard downs and he’s knocked out by the woman in charge.

Elsewhere Lana prepares for her big campaign drive but she’s nervous. She needs to be seen as a genuine rival to their current Mayor, and that’s problematic when people don’t trust her. After what happened with Morgan Edge, her promise of zero interest loans falls on deaf ears at a meeting later on that day.

Back home, Lana ends up talking to Sarah, who admits she’s not embarrassed or ashamed of cheating on Jordan. Lana reassures her that things will work out okay. So in order to get her mind off things, Sarah encourages Lana to do a vlog about her life. The thing is the questions she’s given are all pertaining to her being Mayor.

With Sam back in town, Lois has a heart to heart with him about how she’s feeling. Sam’s aware of the Ally incident, having read the article for himself. He apologizes to her for being a bad father.

According to Sam, he didn’t want to lose them, but he was never there for his girls when they needed him. Off the back of all this, Sam decides to help fight for what’s right. He’s managed to set up a meet with her sister, Lucy. Sam does warn, however, that she needs a delicate touch.

Speaking of touching, Clark heads down to the mines and ends up going toe to toe with the creature lurking in its depths, which comes crashing out into the open. John is there too but as Supe knocks half this man’s mask off and gets a good look at himself. This strange doppelganger has symbols on his face and glowing blue eyes.

That evening, Jordan heads over to see Sarah. He sits down to talk with her, handing over a necklace that used to belong to his grandmother. “I love you Sarah,” He eventually says, admitting that one kiss won’t change the way he feels about her.

Meanwhile, Jonathan also has a chat with Candice. Instead of dissuading her from selling or getting mixed up with drugs, he actually wants her to sell some to him so he can get a competitive edge too.

As the episode closes out, Lois awaits meeting Lucy. Only, she doesn’t show up. Instead, it’s Ally who appears in the diner. Just before they talk, we cut across to the doppelganger Superman one more time, as he arrives at the ice fortress.



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  • This is the first episode of Superman & Lois to not feature Sofia Hasmik (Chrissy Beppo) after being promoted to a series regular.
  • The way John Henry Irons summons his exosuit is similar to the Iron Man Mark 42 Armor in the movie Iron Man 3.
  • The way that the show title appearing backwards at the end of the episode is a tie-in to the fact that the reveal of the armored being's identity is someone that resembles Bizarro.