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For the Superman & Lois episode, see "The Ties That Bind".
"So far, Ricardo Diaz has been unstoppable. He has aligned himself with the most powerful criminal organization in the country. He controls Star City's government, its infrastructure, and its police force. I can't stop him on my own."
"And when you say you can't stop him, are you speaking as the former mayor... or as someone else? You want my help? I'm gonna need two things from you. The first is, I'm gonna need you to say the words."
"I am the Green Arrow.
Oliver Queen and Samanda Watson

"The Ties That Bind" is the twenty-second episode of the sixth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-thirty-seventh episode overall. It aired on May 10, 2018.



"The Ties That Bind" begins with William getting ready breakfast for Oliver and Felicity. Oliver sees Felicty's agitated with something and when he asks her what's happening, she uncovers she's restless that Diaz is still out in the city while they're inside scrambling eggs.

John and Lyla are at the specialist. The specialist uncovers that Diggle's nerves in his arm have clearly recuperated with no longer requirement for Felicity's tech embed.

Rene and his girl are viewing a hockey coordinate.

Dinah approaches a criminal in a back street. She fires thrashing him, requesting more data on Ricardo Diaz.

The Queen's are plunking down to eat when Oliver's telephone begins going off. It's an instant message from Anatoly advising him to get out his loft right away. At the point when Oliver pivots, he sees three shooters canceling from the rooftop and they begin shooting through the windows into the condo.

Felicity and William run and stow away while Oliver deals with the shooters. Oliver cautions the entirety of the previous individuals from Team Arrow about Diaz following them. We see a montage of shooters assaulting Curtis and his sweetheart, Rene and his little girl, and John and Lyla in the clinic.

Oliver reveals to William that he's setting him and Felicity into defensive authority with ARGUS. Felicity reveals to Oliver that she's remaining behind to assist Oliver with confronting Diaz.

At Helix, Oliver meets with Rene, Dinah, and Felicity. When inquired as to why they're meeting at Helix, Felicity shows them a video stream of Diaz's men crushing the first Arrow shelter. Diggle and Lyla show up and state they have a dugout set up in Colorado.

Diaz's men light the Arrow dugout ablaze.

Curtis shows up to tells the remainder of the group that his sweetheart was shot, yet says he'll make it. After a motivational speech from Oliver, the gathering begins conceptualizing ways on the most proficient method to stop Diaz.

Oliver discovers Anatoly to talk about Diaz's base of activities. Anatoly says he'll uncover information Diaz's office. Anatoly discovers Diaz at the Quadrant HQ. He tells the last that the Quadrant HQ isn't secure and suggests exchanging offices.

Anatoly and Diaz are riding along in a reinforced vehicle when they're halted by development laborers. It's a snare set up by Team Arrow. Diaz's men begin battling with Team Arrow when the degenerate cops appear at separate the battle. Diaz himself begins battling with Curtis, in the long run wounding him in the midsection.

Group Arrow escapes and makes it back to Helix. They uncover Curtis is resting in ARGUS care. Lyla makes reference to that the cops won't turn down a gathering with the top of a government organization and recommends she meet with the cops.

Diaz and Anatoly show up at the police headquarters. The two go into an office and Diaz tosses Anatoly in a bad spot, blaming him for revealing to Team Arrow they were moving areas. Anatoly persuades Diaz that Lydia Cassamento warned Team Arrow.

Oliver make an effort not to go into the field with Lyla, however she's resolved she's going. Felicity and Lyla go to the police headquarters with the goal that they can move a few documents off the police PCs.

Lyla goes inside to converse with Diaz and when the cops turn their backs, she plants a gadget on one of the PCs. The documents begin moving however Diaz is warned by his staff programmer. Diaz and the cops encompass Lyla, however Oliver and Diggle enter the police headquarters and begin battling with Diaz and his men.

The group rendezvous at Helix and Felicity begins to take a gander at the scrambled documents. Oliver pulls her aside and goes up against her about going through a firefight at the police headquarters.

Curtis shows up back at Helix to assist Felicity with unscrambling the documents. Dinah persuades him to return and rest with Nick.

Cassamento is attempting to guarantee her guiltlessness with Diaz and Anatoly. She's attempting to reveal to him how wild he is the point at which his programmer rushes in and tells the gathering he believes he's ready to get an area on Felicity. Diaz wounds Cassamento in the throat, murdering her.

Diggle and Oliver are making up for lost time. Diggle has a go at persuading Oliver that Felicity made the best choice. An alarm begins going off, Diaz has shown up at Helix with a little armed force. He tells his warriors that Oliver Queen doesn't make it out alive.

Diaz begins propelling nerve gas into the shelter and Oliver trains Team Arrow to leave. Felicity won't go until the documents are finished unscrambling. Oliver chooses to remain behind with her.

The group begins battling Diaz's men. Oliver in the long run persuades Felicity to leave the fortification, saying they'll discover another approach to stop Diaz other than decoding the documents. The two are leaving the dugout when they're halted by Diaz. After a fast battle, Oliver utilizes a hazardous to take Diaz out. He and Felicity departure and get together with the remainder of Team Arrow outside.

Group Arrow takes cover at ARGUS. Lyla uncovers the ARGUS legal sciences group couldn't recuperate Diaz's body, he had the option to get away. Oliver and Felicity call William and talk with him a piece to cause him to feel better.

At the police headquarters, Diaz and Anatoly assemble a conference with the remainder of the Quadrant individuals. He advises them regarding Cassamento's passing and requests their devotion.

Oliver goes to Prosecutor Sharp's office and requests her assistance against Diaz. In return for her assistance, Oliver confesses to being the Green Arrow.


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