"You look so young. And I could kill you right now so easy. What I wouldn't have given? All those times before to have had you like this. So helpless. But fate, it's tricky, isn't it? I come here to destroy you. And then to get home, I have to be the one who creates you. But I will say, it's been an education. Watching you grow up all these years. Science fairs and soccer games. No hint, no sign, no trace of the man you will be one day for whom I have nothing but hate. And to be clear, nothing is forgiven. There will be a reckoning. I promise you, Barry Allen, that you will die."
Eobard Thawne speaking to a comatose Barry Allen
"The Trap" is the twentieth episode of the first season of The Flash, and the twentieth episode overall. It aired on April 28, 2015.


Barry, Caitlin, Cisco and Joe set a trap for Wells. Cisco uses himself as prey which puts him in grave danger. Meanwhile, Eddie makes a decision regarding Iris, which leaves Joe a bit unsettled.[src]



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Preparation ran from February 13 until February 23, 2015. Shooting ran from February 24 until March 6, 2015.[1]


  • Gideon reveals that at some point in the future, Barry created her and will get promoted to the director of the Central City Police Department's CSI division.
  • Gideon also mentions to Barry that he is "a founding member of ...", but is interrupted by the latter, who wants to know what she is. However, in a comic preview of the same scene, Gideon is interrupted after stating the word "justice".[2] This implies that Barry is a founding member of the Justice League or a future incarnation of the Justice Society.
  • Cisco calls Gideon "Hal", a reference to HAL 9000 from the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • Before entering his lucid dream, Cisco asks if it was like the 2010 film Inception or the 1984 film Dreamscape.
  • This was the last episode that Gideon appeared in the present chronologically until the Season 4 episode "Null and Annoyed".
  • When Cisco is discussing being protected from the Reverse-Flash in the preparation of the trap, he states that Wells is going "all Kali Ma" on him. This is a reference to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when Mola Ram tries to extract Indiana Jones' heart, similar to how the Reverse-Flash phased his hand through Cisco's heart.
  • This episode shares some similarities with "Things You Can't Outrun". While that episode had recurring flashbacks from different characters's perspectives telling the story of the night the particle accelerator exploded, this episode uses the same technique to show events that happened when Barry was in his coma.
  • In a deleted scene, Caitlin also flashes back to when Barry was in his coma and "Wells" told her he didn't want people to judge her based on the fact that she stayed at S.T.A.R. Labs after the particle accelerator explosion.[3]


  • In the future Central City Citizen newspaper, the present-day Star City is referred to by its old name, Starling City, a possible oversight by the producers.
    • This might also be somehow related to changes in the timeline and, perhaps due to a butterfly effect (caused by Thawne's time travel), the city had its name changed back to Starling City.
  • The author of The Flash Missing: Vanishes in Crisis article is shown to be written by Iris West-Allen whereas in previous appearances, it was written by Evan Gibson.
    • It's possible temporal changes resulted in Iris penning the article instead of Evan due to a mutual spark hinted between her and Barry like in the original timeline.
  • In the flashback, as Thawne/Wells talks to an unconscious Barry, he is shown vibrating his hand, even though he had lost his powers at that point.
  • When Barry is in the burning building, he moves his arms fast enough to create a vacuum to put out the fire. However, creating such a vacuum means the trapped people in the room won't have any air to breathe.




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