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"The Court hereby orders that Bartholomew Henry Allen should be incarcerated for the rest of his natural life without the possibility of parole, and that Mr. Allen be immediately remanded to Iron Heights Penitentiary. And may God have mercy on your soul."
—Judge Hankerson on Barry Allen's verdict

"The Trial of The Flash" is the tenth and midseason premiere episode of the fourth season of The Flash, and the seventy-ninth episode overall. It aired on January 16, 2018.



"The Trial of the Flash" starts with Barry getting his mugshots taken in the wake of being secured for the homicide of Clifford Devoe. He's being questioned by Captain Singh, and consoles his supervisor that he didn't do it.

Barry's discharged on house capture, and he meets with Team Flash at S.T.A.R. Labs. They take a stab at considering approaches to get Barry in the clear, and Barry demands that he experience the equity procedure.

Joe pulls Ralph aside and discloses to him he needs his "naughty private agent" help.

The Devoes are talking in their nest, and Marlize is fairly disturbed that Devoe's exchanged bodies. The two talk and grasp.

Barry's preliminary beginnings with opening proclamations.

At a Central City bank, a man is opening an investment account. At the point when he's set he goes to exit, however everybody he strolls by blacks out and tumbles to the ground.

Back at Barry's preliminary, the investigator shows the jury the controlling request Devoe recorded against him. He at that point shows the jury the homicide weapon, a blade he got as a wedding blessing.

Joe's telephone goes off, and he's cautioned of the metahuman assault at the bank. Iris remains behind at the town hall while Joe, Cisco, and Caitlin go to look at the scene.

The indictment has called Captain Singh as an observer, and he gets addressed by both the investigator and Cecille, who happens to speak to Barry.

Somewhere else, Joe and Dibny are keeping an eye on the Devoes, and they get an image of the couple, with Cliff's new body, kissing.

Cecille has pulled Barry and Iris aside during a break. She suggests one of two courses: taking a supplication arrangement or Barry conceding that he's the Flash.

Caitlin strolls in to the lab with the clinical reports of the individuals from the bank. The reports uncover that the individuals all experienced radiation harming. Cisco monikers the metahuman Fallout.

Back at the preliminary, Marlize has now stood up. Joe and Dibny stroll in with the photographs they took of the Devoe's kissing and hand them to Cecille to go into proof. The appointed authority permits the photographs into proof, and Cecille begins addressing Marlize on the photographs.

Marlize recounts to the jury an account of how she met Lance, the body Cliff dominated, at a celebration for ALS, and it appears as though the jury trusts her, and she ventures down from the stand.

Iris follows Marlize out of the court and questions her on her thought processes in confining Barry for homicide. Marlize uncovers they have an end-all strategy for the world, however avoids uncovering what it is.

Alerts begin to go off on S.T.A.R. Labs, flagging a nearness of radiation some place in Central City. They go to look at the caution and think that its a truck pulling atomic waste. At the point when they wave the truck on, thinking they've committed an error, we see that it's Fallout who's driving the truck.

Iris strolls over into the court and intrudes on the preliminary. She's going to tell everybody that Barry's the Flash when Barry utilizes a force that permits both of the pair to move quicker than any other person so they can't be seen or heard. Barry consoles her that he's settled on the choice not to tell anybody, and she concurs that it must stay a mystery.

Barry zooms back to his table and the preliminary proceeds.

Joe and Dibny return to the Devoe family unit, and Joe uncovers his arrangement of planting proof inside the house to outline Marlize for the homicide. Ralph converses with Joe about the contrast among good and bad, and Joe chooses not to plant the proof all things considered.

At the town hall, both the arraignment and protection trust the jury to decide wisely.

Aftermath leaves a transport and starts strolling down the road, taking everybody out that he cruises by. He sees they all fall and he asks himself what's happening, demonstrating that he doesn't know about the forces he has.

Barry's telephone rings with a notice that Fallout's about the detonate. He's ready to persuade the appointed authority to allow him to leave. The radiation emanating from Fallout is excessively hot for Barry, so Cisco and Wells persuade Caitlin to transform into Killer Frost.

Cisco vibes himself and Caitlin to the scene, and the last attempts to freeze him, yet he's ready to overwhelm her and take her out.

Barry starts to speed around Fallout, wanting to make a vacuum that contains Fallout's vitality. Aftermath starts to turn atomic and Cisco's ready to vibe the entirety of the vitality to Earth-15, a dead Earth.

Back at the town hall, the jury foreman peruses out the decision they've come to. They've seen Barry as blameworthy of homicide in the primary degree.

Barry meets with everybody at S.T.A.R. Labs, and, gratitude to the TV, he discovers he's been seen as liable. Back at the town hall, Barry sees The Thinker go into a close by room, and he faces the man who surrounded him. Devoe uncovers he has Dominic's clairvoyant capacities.

Barry enters the court for condemning. Simultaneously, Singh holds a question and answer session to give the Flash an honor for halting the atomic danger prior in the day. Slice back to the town hall and the adjudicator gives Barry a lifelong incarceration.

Barry's taken to his prison cell, and it's indicated that it's the cell his dad Henry was in when he was improperly sentenced for homicide.



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  • The title is a reference to the comic book storyline of the same name.
  • Barry's trial was teased in the first season finale, "Fast Enough".
  • Fallout's real name is Neil Borman, a reference to Danish physicist Niels Bohr, who won the Nobel prize in physics for his work in understanding atomic structure and quantum theory, coinciding with Fallout's powers.
  • Barry's height as revealed in his mugshot is 6'1".
  • The exterior shot of the courthouse was actually that of the New York County Courthouse.
  • Barry being sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole is similar to his father, Henry's, sentence for the alleged murder of his mother, Nora. Appropriately, both are imprisoned in the same cell.
  • Barry's rambling from "The Flash Reborn" came to light through the repeating of the words, "I'm innocent, Your Honor; I didn't kill anyone", suggesting Barry experienced his trial and jail sentence whilst in the Speed Force prison.
  • Anton Slater opened his first speech regarding his prosecution of Barry with the words "For you to understand what it is I'm about to tell you today, you need to do something. I need you to believe in the impossible." This echoes the very first line said in the show during Barry's monologue in "Pilot".
  • Iris suggesting Barry reveal he's the Flash is shot down. Later in the New multiverse, Barry's friend Kara was forced to reveal her identity to save innocent lives during a temporary alternate timeline; the result was all her family and friends being killed by her enemies. So this idea would not work out.
  • Harry instructs Cisco to send all of Fallout's emitted radiation to Earth-15, stating that it's a dead Earth. In the comics, Earth-15 is a universe that had existed with near-perfect heroes, but was destroyed by Superman-Prime.


  • When announcing the trial verdict, the voice of the jury foreman lists the case as docket "5677-B" but his lips say "5567-B" (as do the Closed Captions).