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"The Trickster" is the twelfth episode of The Flash. It aired on February 7, 1991.


A crazed killer, who fancies himself a sort of evil magician called the Trickster, vows to defeat the Flash so he can have the Flash's/Barry's new girlfriend.



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  • This episode, along with "The Trial of the Trickster", was aired following the cancellation of The Flash as the TV movie, The Flash II: Revenge of the Trickster.
  • This episode includes two references to Jay Garrick's Flash. His appearance being nodded to in James Jesse's statue, and in the Flash costumes at the costume party Jesse later crashes.
    • One of the other guests at the party dresses as Superman, a DC Comics hero known for working with the Flash.
  • This is the first episode of the show where the main antagonist is based on a character from the DC Comics.
  • After Barry defeated James Jesse, he told everyone at the ball "That's all Folks!" which is the Looney Tunes signature closing sequence.