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"I told everyone inside I'd let them live if they followed my instructions. But I tricked them! Which is so me."
—The Trickster[src]

"The Trickster" is a psychopathic criminal from Earth-3 whose exploits were frequently opposed by Jay Garrick/The Flash.


Foiled by the Flashes

Trickster arrested after being defeated by the Flash of Earths 3 and 1.

While robbing a bank, the Trickster mused over how he lied to his victims that he'd let them live if they followed his instructions. Just then, The Flash showed up to stop him. The Trickster opened fire at the speedster, but his enemy quickly caught every bullet with his helmet. Handcuffing both himself and the Flash together, the Trickster attempted to set off a bomb to kill them both. Suddenly, another Flash appeared and disarmed the bomb before tying the Trickster up. Though he was initially bewildered over "seeing double", the Trickster, believing the Flash "hit [him] too hard", began ranting over how he was going to sue the Flash and claim his helmet before being taken away by the police.[1]


The Trickster wearing explosives.

"Hiya, Swiftie. Will you do me the honor of allowing me to kill you?"
—Trickster to Jay Garrick[src]
  • Expert marksman/Firearms: The Trickster was highly proficient with his machine gun, almost managing to target the speeding Flash.[1]
  • Explosives expert: The Trickster riddled his body with well-made explosives, ready to blow up the Flash together with himself.[1]
  • Heightened reflexes: The Trickster was able to resist the Flash when the hero tried to apprehend him and managed to catch the Flash's hand in handcuffs, being quick enough to surprise a speedster.[1]


  • M1921 Thompson: The Trickster was armed with a machine gun to fight off the Flash and threaten civilians.[1]
  • Explosives: The Trickster possessed multiple explosives on his person.[1]


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