"He's throwing bouncy balls and wearing a bedazzled peacoat."
Ralph Dibny[src]

The Trickster suit is a protective suit worn by Axel Walker as Trickster.


At some point, Axel obtained the suit and started using it in his criminal activities.[1]

Erased future

In the erased future that Nora West-Allen hailed from, at some point in or before 2032, the Trickster suit was put on display in the Flash Museum's Hall of Villains.[2]


  • Identity concealment: Axel used the mask to conceal his identity.

Known users


The Flash

Season 1

Season 4

Season 5


A meta-human wearing a suit similar to Axel's.

  • Among the dozens meta-humans that constituted Zoom's army, a meta-human wearing a costume identical to the one worn by Axel can be seen in the crowd.[3]


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