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For the eponymous character, see Gary Green.
"Well, not to pressure you, but the entire fate of the Sexual Revolution is in the balance here."
"That is my favorite revolution."
Sara Lance and John Constantine

"The Virgin Gary" is the first episode of the fourth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the fifty-second episode overall. It aired on October 22, 2018.




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"The Virgin Gary" begins with the Legends accompanying The Beatles during their first appearance in the US. The appearance is before long hindered by Paul Revere, who they reclaim to 1776.

Back on the Waverider, most of the Legends are freeloaded out by their simple missions. Mick and Nate each uncover they're mooched that Constantine's forecast of the mythical beast head isn't right. Specialist Sharpe unexpectedly brings in and demands the Legends' essence in Washington DC.

Stressed that they'll get in a difficult situation, the Legends are reluctant to get to DC. Gary guides them into a dull room and it's uncovered to be an unexpected gathering, saluting the Legends for fixing the last time chronological error.

Ray finds a record of Nora and is perusing it when Zari takes note. Zari approaches him and indications that Ray helped her break out of the Time Bureau.

Ava and Sara are sleeping discussing their future together. Ava welcomes Sara to move in and after some underlying faltering, Sara specifies that she's prepared to make the following stride in their relationship. Sara goes out to the kitchen to get champagne and she's welcomed by John Constantine.

Constantine cautions Sara of looming dangers but she makes reference to that they haven't ran into any of the dangers. He desert secretive bones that start shaking when he leaves.

Nate and Mick leave the Time Bureau gathering to break into a house, which is before long uncovered that of Nate's folks.

Sara pulls Gary aside and gets some information about the chance of beasts showing up after some time and the two understand that one may be covering up in 1969 at Woodstock.

Ray and Zari collaborate to attempt to discover Nora, who they think my incidentally additionally be at Woodstock. The two take an escape to return in time and upon appearance previously, they discover a killed nonconformist canvassed in goo from a beast.

They're conversing with Nate's folks when Nate's concerned father haphazardly raises the Woodstock slaughter. Realizing something turned out badly, Nate and Mick immediately leave to head out to 1969.

Ray and Zari get together with Sara and Nate and uncover that they saw a killed flower child in the timberland. They're talking about the circumstance when they hear Mick get out. They race to Mick's guide and find that he's unearthed a genuine unicorn.

At first in amazement, they watch the unicorn charge a radical and cut her through the chest. The unicorn at that point continues to eat the heart out of the radical. They have a go at shooting the unicorn but it spurts the gathering with it's goo and getaways.

Sara ventures out forward so as to find Constantine to converse with him about the circumstance that just unfurled in 1969.

In 1969, Nate and Mick start fantasizing — Nate considers Mick to be his dad Henry and Mick sees Nate as his previous rodent Axel. Ray and Zari are strolling through the timberland when Zari starts daydreaming as well.

Sara comes back to 1969 with Constantine close by and the two start talking about Sara's future with Sharpe. Constantine and Sara assemble the group on the Waverider and the previous clarifies how the unicorn utilizes it goo to sedate individuals. To neutralize the medication's belongings, the Legends need to assemble things from around the celebration.

The last piece to assemble is a human virgin and keeping in mind that they don't discover any virgins at Woodstock, they carry Gary to what's to come. Sooner rather than later, the unicorn is attracted to Gary and Constantine drinks the elixir they made with the goal that he's ready to satisfactorily play out the essential spell. Constantine's at last ready to ship the unicorn to hellfire.

Nate comes back to 2018 and attempt to offer some kind of reparation with his dad.

On the Waverider, Ray admits to Zari that he has affections for Nora.

Ava's hanging up the Legends' awards up in their home when Sara strolls in. Sara can't hold it in any longer and admits to Ava that when they liberated Mallus, they additionally liberated a wide range of different beasts. Sara is astonished to find that Ava isn't unreasonably disturbed. The two kiss and they concur that currently isn't the best an ideal opportunity for Sara to move in.

Sara leaves and goes to Constantine's to attempt to persuade him to join the Legends. Constantine won't and Sara leaves.

Later on, an alcoholic Constantine is singing "White Rabbit" when his lights begin glinting. He's out of nowhere tossed into a divider and starts flailing wildly on the floor.

The scene closes with John getting up of the floor and taking a gander at the mirror which peruses "I'm coming for you Johnny".





  • After fixing the last anachronism, Mick complains, "Four years of doing the same crap". Mick however joined the team in January 2016, meaning he has only been a Legend for about 2 years and 9 months at this point.
    • However it should be pointed out that 4 years was referencing how long the DC's Legends of Tomorrow had been on the air at that point.
  • The unicorn (which has sharp teeth) bites into Gary's left hand, but after the unicorn lets go of his hand, it's completely unharmed.