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An unnamed man, nicknamed "the Weeper" by Amunet Black, was a meta-human with the ability to secrete a psycho-active drug through his tears.


On October 10, 2017, this man rode Central City Bus 405 whilst crying to himself. Ralph Dibny was seated next to him and tried to cheer the man up with some encouragement, as the latter's disposition was discouraging him. Suddenly, the bus was exposed to dark matter particles resulting from the Flash's return from the Speed Force, transforming the man and all the other occupants into meta-humans.[1]

Sometime over the next three weeks, the man was found and kidnapped by Amunet Black, who intended to sell his psychoactive tears for profit.[2]

He was eventually saved by Iris West, Felicity Smoak, Cecile Horton, and Killer Frost, however, he told them to leave him alone and he ran off in a panic.[2]

Later, while walking the streets alone, he was found by Clifford DeVoe, who told him that he went through a lot of trouble to create him and that he couldn't run away until he completed the task he was created for.[2] DeVoe siphoned off his tears to a more concentrated form to better control his wife Marlize,[3] and then killed the Weeper when he no longer needed him.[4]


His tears were used by DeVoe to control his wife and to prevent her humanity from being a problem.

The Weeper's death was avenged when Ralph Dibny regained full control of his body forcing Clifford DeVoe's consciousness out of the latter's body. He transferred his consciousness into his hoverchair, but perished once and for all when his wife Marlize removed the chair's power source, putting an end to DeVoe's madness.

Powers and abilities


"Cortisol levels low. Recent display of tachycardia, repetitive pupil dilation. Display serotonin level. 319 nanograms; levels found in patients using psychoactive narcotics."
Marlize DeVoe on the effects of Weeper's tears[src]
  • Meta-human physiology: After the man was struck by the dark matter energy after the Flash was released from the Speed Force, this altered his DNA and cells, enabling him to access his newfound powers.[1]
    • Psychoactive tears: The dark matter in his body causes his tears to secrete a substance that acts like a psychoactive drug when ingested.[2]


The Flash

Season 4


  • Like every meta-human created when the Flash escaped the Speed Force, releasing a wave of dark matter upon the bus that the Weeper and 11 others were riding on, it would seem that the Weeper's powers were a forced manifestation of his inner desires and/or inherent nature as a person prior to the encounter with the dark matter. In this case, the Weeper was presumably in tears for being such an unwanted individual; now, his tears' potent euphoric properties would make him a very wanted individual.
  • The Weeper is the only one of the "bus metas" whose real name hasn't been revealed.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics The Weeper is a legacy name of two supervillains. The original Weeper, Mortimer Gloom was a villain of Bulletman, while his unnamed son succeeded him as a villain of the Marvel Family after his death.
    • He also might be based or referenced on DC's parody character, Snowflame. The character was a supervillain that was powered by the use of cocaine but ultimately dying from the use that gives him his powers.
  • Due to Janet Petty, another of DeVoe's victims, being listed as alive in Cisco's Who's Who? Binder, the Weeper's Post-Crisis status is currently unknown.