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"People make mistakes and they do terrible things. We have to let them do better, bring them back to the light. Otherwise, what's the point in trying to save everyone?"
J'onn J'onzz on Malefic J'onzz's redemption

"The Wrath of Rama Khan" is the eighth episode of the fifth season of Supergirl, and the ninety-fifth episode overall. It aired on December 1, 2019.



Alex and Brainy show up at the Fortress to safeguard Kara from the Fortress' protections and Kara informs them regarding Lena. They at that point track Lena to one of Lex's old dens where Lena and Hope are rushing to put Myriad on the web and dispatch No Nocere. Supergirl shows up, yet the dugout starts countermeasures against her, and Lena advises Hope to send them. Be that as it may, the guns intend to reload with Kryptonite and Lena attempts to close them down, something she figures out how to do without a moment to spare. Kara says she won't abandon Lena.

At Leviathan's base of tasks, Rama Khan and Gamemnae talk about their current circumstance with Gamemnae saying that they have to demolish the people just as notes that the planets are altogether coming into arrangement without precedent for an exceptionally prolonged stretch of time. She needs to release a well of lava and they just need the intensity of Acrata to do it. At the DEO, Kara explains on how Lena discovered Supergirl's way of life just as the way that she presently has Myriad. Supergirl figures she can even now fix things. J'onn shows up with his sibling to clarify why Lena needs Myriad.

Malefic reveals to them that Lena held him detainee, including that he was never sent to the Phantom Zone. Brainy makes sense of that Lena is wanting to utilize Q-waves to force her will on the world, though such that will shield them from harming others. Alex is as yet not certain that Supergirl can spare her. Somewhere else, Rama Khan desires Andrea. She opposes, yet he offers to discharge her from his administration after one final employment.

Brainy activities a 3D image of Supergirl into Lena's dugout. Supergirl begs her, however Lena doesn't generally hear her. The multi dimensional image closes. Kara isn't taking care of things well and talks with Alex about things, clarifying how she comprehends why Lena is harming. Alex is the voice of reason here and furthermore calls attention to the occasions Lena lied, as well. Alex needs to treat her like a lowlife and uncovers they put an infection in the dugout's centralized server - and she's set up to take Lena out if important.

Expectation and Lena go to enact Myriad, however it doesn't work. They find the infection. Lena faults Supergirl for this. Expectation chooses to go attempt to manual actuate things regardless of whether it murders her. Lena stops her and they begin to chip away at superseding things. Supergirl goes to approach J'onn for help yet he isn't sure he can'. Malefic, be that as it may, might be the way to halting Lena. They need to utilize Malefic's Q-waves to check Lena, yet despite the fact that it could execute him, Malefic needs to help. He needs to offer some kind of reparation.

At the Central City gallery Rama Khan needs to set off a super spring of gushing lava and make a termination level occasion. Andrea says Supergirl could stop him and he announces that she's not a divine being, however he is. He pummels his staff and the ground thunders. Acrata attempts to caution Supergirl before she's yanked back by Rama Khan.

Brainy makes sense of what the staff is and makes sense of generally what his arrangement is - the super spring of gushing lava that is surprisingly more terrible than Pompeii. Supergirl shares the Malefic thought with Alex, yet she doesn't confide in any of it. Alex vents to J'onn about both Lena and Malefic. J'onn urges her to let individuals "improve." At the shelter, Lena and Hope proceed with their work and the ground shakes them.

At the historical center, Supergirl and J'onn go head to head against Rama Khan however aren't having a lot of karma. He begins to set things off when Supergirl finds Acrata and the staff. J'onn pursues her. As things deteriorate with the shaking and Alex plans to endeavor the Malefic answer for save Lena's life. J'onn attempts to free Acrata. At the shelter, Hope goes to physically set things up. They make sense of that the entrance code is from Milton and she proceeds to physically situate the dishes. They are prepared to dispatch. Alex conveys Malefic who blocks the Q-waves just quickly. They need to kill their mystic inhibitors.

Alex kills the inhibitors. Malefic stops Myriad. Rama Khan pins Supergirl and scoundrel monologs. J'onn can expel the staff and impair Rama Khan. She tosses him into the tar pit and afterward freezes it, yet he recovers Acrata and vanishes. Lena is squashed that her arrangements didn't work.

Back at Leviathan HQ, the blonde lady takes the staff and usurps Rama Khan. Back in her lab, Lena takes out her firearm and approaches Hope to accept any penalty for her by professing to hold Lena prisoner and guarantee it was all her thought. "Eve" is removed. Alex reveals to Supergirl what "Eve" did, however the two of them know it's Lena. They conclude that possibly Lena can be spared all things considered.. Malefic doesn't feel like he's compensated for what he's finished. J'onn sends him home to Mars to help with the obstruction. He could be the way to tranquility on Mars.

As Malefic leaves, The Monitor appears and reveals to J'onn that he has breezed through the assessment. The Monitor brought Malefic there. Sparing Malefic was his test. Presently he is prepared to confront the coming Crisis. At The Monitor's base, Lex Luthor is playing chess. Lex, as well, is expected to help in Crisis also.



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  • Rama Khan is revealed to have been guardian of Earth for the last 2 million years, claiming responsibility for the destruction of Pompeii.
    • In 79 AD, the Roman city of Pompeii was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius and buried under 13 to 20 feet/ 4 to 6 meters of volcanic ash.
  • The title references the 1982 film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.
  • This is the first episode of Supergirl to feature LaMonica Garrett (Mar Novu) as a series regular.
  • Lex becomes the sixth character in the Arrowverse to be resurrected after Sara Lance, Kuasa, Damien Darhk, Otis Graves, and Nate Heywood.
  • Brainy states Malefic's full psychic power has an output of about 67 petawatts. For comparison, in real life this is roughly equal to 38% of all the power Earth receives from the Sun, or about 3700 times of the power output of the entire human civilization.
  • Final appearance of Earth-38's villains. They will be replaced by Earth-Prime iterations after Crisis.


  • Kara doesn't bother trying to break into the bunker after Lena disables the weapons.