"You know what she used to say?"
"'The dead don't want anything.'"
"'It's one of the benefits of being dead.
Tommy Merlyn and Oliver Queen[src]

Thea Queen (April 18, 1994 – April 18, 2012)[1] was a resident of Starling City, the daughter of Robert Queen and the late Moira Queen, the sister of the late Oliver Queen, the step-daughter of Malcolm Merlyn, and the step-sister of the late Tommy Merlyn.


Thea was born to Robert and Moira Queen on April 18, 1994.[1] She had an older brother, Oliver.

It is implied that Thea was close with Oliver's girlfriend, Laurel Lance, at some point.[2] When Oliver and Robert were believed dead, Thea took it so hard that despite the efforts of Tommy Merlyn, her brother's best friend, to look after her, she became addicted to Vertigo to cope with the loss. Even as Tommy became closer to her upon Moira and Malcolm marrying, Thea eventually overdosed on her 18th birthday while in The Glades, subsequently dying, with her corpse found by her half-brother.[1]


Thea's death ultimately drove her older brother, Tommy Merlyn, to take up the identity of the Dark Archer.[1]


According to Laurel Lance, Thea was not as naïve as her Earth-1 counterpart.[2] However, in comparison to her Earth-1 counterpart, Thea took the loss of her brother more profoundly to the point that she became addicted to Vertigo, which led to her death.



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  • Thea was nine months and three days older than her Earth-1 counterpart, proving that doppelgängers do not necessarily share the same birth date.
  • Tommy referred to Thea as "our sister" when talking with Oliver. Thus, it's unclear whether or not she was the daughter of Moira and Robert Queen (making her Oliver's sister and Tommy's step-sister), or if she was born as the result of an affair her mother had with Malcolm (as was the case with her Earth-1 counterpart), making her their half-sister.


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