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For the DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode, see "There Will Be Brood".
"Everyone dies, Ramsey. Maybe the only thing that makes it bearable is to find some meaning in it."
"Well, that means I'm making the greatest sacrifice of all. Don't you see? What I'm becoming, this is the cure. I am the answer, Flash, to the greatest mystery of all. Life eternal."
The Flash and Ramsey Rosso

"There Will Be Blood" is the fourth episode of the sixth season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-eighteenth episode overall. It aired on October 29, 2019. This episode is also the fourth episode of the season six story arc "Blood and Truth."




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Ramsey breaks into the clinic where he used to work to get more blood for his experiments. Joe calls Barry to research the break-in. After researching the scene, Barry comes to the conclusion that the break-in probably isn't meta-related. Ramsey keeps on performing tests on the blood he stole while thinking back about his mom in the time before her demise.

Barry talks to Cisco and asks Cisco to help him save Ramsey's life. While discussing how they would be able to cure cancer, Nash arrives and tells the two of them that he will lead them to something that will help save Ramsey's life if they build him an anti-vibrational crypto-circuit.

Iris visits Ralph and gives him an eyewitness report from someone who claims to have seen Sue Dearbon.

Ramsey injects himself blood serum he created. However, it doesn't appear to have any effect on him.

Barry, Cisco, and Nash arrive at McCulloch Technologies when Nash tells them that they are there to steal a rare bio-regenerative serum. After Barry went to disable the security cameras, Cisco asked Nash if the serum could protect someone from antimatter. Nash tells him that it would. Barry returns and three enter the building. After entering the building, Nash asked Barry to speed them to around the building but Barry tells him he can't because there are meta-dampeners all over this building. Two security guards approach Barry and Cisco but Nash is able to take them out.

Iris visits Ralph again and asks them if he has made any progress on the lead she gave him. He told no and that he has given up on the cause because he believes it is a lost cause.

Barry, Cisco, and Nash discover the room that houses the bio-regenerative serum. While Cisco hacks the container that contains the serum, Barry and Nash investigate a noise. While they are gone, Cisco unlocks the container but pockets the serum. When Barry and Nash return, Cisco tells them that wasn't there. With security guards approaching, the three of them use a smoke bomb to escape and end up in the S.T.A.R. Labs lounge. Nash tells Barry and Cisco that they still owe him his crypto-circuit even though they didn't get the serum. While Cisco is working on the circuit, Barry opens something that Cisco says is storage for Frost's stuff. When Barry sees the serum, he questions Cisco about it who admits that he stole and hid the serum to save Barry's life. Barry tells him that he is the leader of the team and saving Ramsey is his call. Barry takes the serum and gives it to Ramsey.

Joe visits Ralph and Ralph tells Joe he gave up working on the Sue case because he doesn't understand why he should try to find her and help her if he can't save Barry. Joe tells Ralph that his old partner used to tell him that you can't save everyone, but you can always save someone and that someone for Ralph is Sue.

After Nash takes the crypto-circuit from Cisco and leaves, Cisco vents to Frost about how Barry has accepted his fate and doesn't want to be saved.

Ramsey injects himself with the bio-regenerative serum, but it doesn't work. He then thinks about how the only thing that has worked was the blood he stole from Mitch Romero's body and that Romero was afraid for his life with Ramsey took the blood. Ramsey then realizes that in order to get what he needs to save himself he has to kill people who are afraid.

Multiple alarms go off at Central City General, so Barry and Frost go to investigate what is happening. They confront Ramsey who they figure out is the source of all the death and chaos. Barry and Frost asks him why he is doing this and he says he is doing what it takes to stay alive. Ramsey kills someone and then takes off. Team Flash discusses what happened at the hospital and Barry tells the team that he is going to stop Ramsey if it is the last thing he does.

Nash tracking Novu

Nash tracks the Monitor.

Ralph apologizes to Iris for being a jerk to her and he tells her that he is going to follow up on the lead that she gave him.

Nash uses the crypto-circuit Cisco gave him to create a hologram of The Monitor in the sewers of Central City. He follows the hologram to a wall that it disappears behind and figures out that behind that wall is where The Monitor has been hiding and he endeavors to pay The Monitor a visit.


  • The title of this episode may be a reference to a passage from the Bible, Exodus 7:19, in which God tells Moses that if he wills all of the Egyptians' water to become blood, then "there will be blood".
  • This is the first Halloween episode of The Flash and the second in the Arrowverse after the DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode "Phone Home".
  • Ralph says he is not looking to get married when he says he's going to find Sue Dearbon. That is a reference to their marriage in the comics.
  • Dr. Rodrigo's line to Ramsey about Halloween "We're all endured to one good scare" is similar to a line from Halloween that Sheriff Brackett says to Laurie: "Everyone's entitled to one good scare."
  • Nash mentions that McCulloch Technologies stole technology from the Dominators after an "invasion." It is a reference to Invasion!.
  • Cisco refers to the biological cure from McCulloch Technologies as "their golden idol." This is a reference to the Golden Idol from the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Ramsey apparently didn't try adding a few CCs of adrenaline to the blood he was experimenting with, or tried the method off screen and it didn't work.