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"You may be the fastest man alive, Allen. I'm the fastest mind."
Clifford DeVoe to Barry Allen

"Therefore I Am" is the seventh episode of the fourth season of The Flash, and the seventy-sixth episode overall. It aired on November 21, 2017.



"Therefore I Am" begins with Devoe giving a talk to a school class, and the entirety of the understudies aren't focusing — they're excessively distracted with their mobile phones.

The chime rings, flagging the finish of class and he's drawn closer by the lady we know as The Mechanic — they talk more than one of Devoe's arrangements.

In the present, joe and Barry are conversing with Devoe and his significant other at Devoe's home. The two individuals from the CCPD are addressing Devoe on the off chance that he knows any of those that have been influenced by the Dark Matter. Barry sees a banner of a samurai on the divider and gets some information about it, and we discover the last is familiar with a few dialects having lived in different spots for an amazing duration.

At STAR Labs, Barry has a go at persuading the remainder of the group that DeVoe is that person they ought to be after and Iris allots every one of the colleagues an errand to finish.

We get another flashback, this time Devoe is viewing the first Harrison Wells address journalists on television about his atom smasher. Devoe needs to utilize the atom smasher to control a venture he's taking a shot at.

In the present, Devoe is addressing his class and notification Barry sitting in the rear of his group. After class, Barry questions Devoe once more, asking him where he was on the night the atom smasher fizzled. Unfit to review, Barry inquires as to whether he utilizes any open travel. Before he leaves, Barry's ready to speed to one of Devoe's tables and take a mug he had recently utilized.

Barry returns the mug to STAR Labs and after Caitlin dissects it, they discover it has no metahuman DNA — Devoe's DNA is completely human. Barry demands there's something else entirely to Devoe and requests Cisco to vibe the mug. Cisco obliges and sees Devoe setting up the macaroni and cheddar he discussed while getting addressed by Barry and Joe.

We see another glimmer back, this time Wells' is talking at a question and answer session on the night the atom smasher turned on. Devoe's better half postures as a journalist and poses an inquiry, and Wells sees that she's hitched to Clifford Devoe.

Outside of the atom smasher, the DeVoes examine their ulterior intentions with the atom smasher. At the point when the atom smasher begins going acting up, Clifford puts on a type of top he has fabricated and he's struck by the dim issue, tossing him far before he's rendered oblivious. His better half rushes to his side and he gets up.

Present day, Barry's called to Captain Singh's office — the DeVoes have gone to the CCPD central command to record an objection against Barry, asserting he's been badgering them.

Barry's working late and Iris stops by with burgers. Iris discovers that Barry is as yet exploring Devoe and his better half and she has a go at talking him once again from it.

We get another blaze back of Clifford chipping away at different conditions and issues. The head protector they made, joined with the atom smasher blast, has given him virtuoso level insight. Sooner rather than later, he begins to go into a seizure.

At STAR Labs, Barry begins taking a gander at the beheaded samuroid head and discovers there are cameras in it — somebody's been keeping an eye on them. Barry speeds over to the Devoe home to accomplish all the more examining.

Barry's nosing about the house when he sees Devoe's better half pulling in the carport. A photo nearly tumbles off the piano, however Barry's ready to spare it from smashing, yet Devoe's better half notification something is out of order.

Devoe and his significant other go to the specialist after he endures the seizure, where he discovers this his body is assaulting its own muscles. His legs are not, at this point ready to work.

Present day, Barry approaches Team Flash about the camera and subsequent to attempting to persuade them he followed it back to Devoe's, however the group calls attention to the entirety of the defects in Barry's hypothesis. Joe calls Barry and calls him into work.

At the station, Devoe's significant other is in Singh's room crying. Their surveillance cameras got Barry breaking into their home on record. Singh suspends Barry for about fourteen days.

Soon thereafter, Barry's chatting with Iris and uncovers that the DeVoes have a limiting request against Barry.

Barry breaks the limiting request and approaches Clifford at the college. Clifford uncovers that he knows Barry is The Flash and clarifies that there's not a situation Team Flash can assemble that he doesn't think about. Barry exits, yet not before Clifford gives him all the best on his forthcoming wedding.

Barry returns to the group at STAR Labs and discloses to them he stood up to Devoe once more. He uncovers that DeVoe realizes that he is The Flash and illuminates them that Devoe is a metahuman preeminent astuteness. Cisco tabs Devoe as "The Thinker" and Wally strolls in, a lot to the astonishment of the group.

The Thinker and Mechanic are talking in their nest. Clifford starts seizing again before his float seat appears and he's stopped back in.



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  • The title is a reference to the philosophical proposition "I think, therefore I am", originally known in Latin as "Cogito ergo sum".
  • Marlize asks Clifford if he's seen a video of a Husky singing the Madonna song "Like a Virgin".
  • Cisco asks Barry if he's seen "Zatoichi the blind swordsman", a franchise of films and a TV series featuring the eponymous character.
  • At the press meeting held by Dr. "Wells" (secretly Eobard Thawne) at the turning on of the particle accelerator, he noted that Barry was present, along with Clifford and Marlize DeVoe. Thawne was excited at this and even remarked that he was a fan of DeVoe's "work", wishing him "good luck" for the future. Since Thawne was from the future, he likely knew DeVoe would one day become The Thinker, an enemy to the Flash.
  • Thawne's reappearance as "Harrison Wells" in this episode can be considered foreshadowing, as he returns in the crossover event Crisis on Earth-X with Harrison Wells' face, with his most prominent callback of being "Harrison Wells" in Part 3, which is the next episode, "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3".
  • Similar to the comics, Clifford DeVoe obtains his high levels of intellect through his creation, "the Thinking Cap", which he even names the same. Also like in the comics, the Thinking Cap's use has detrimental effects on the rest of his body, though instead of a slow cancer like in the comics, it is a fast-acting paralysis.
  • The press conference scene from "Pilot" is shown again, making this the third time the scene is shown, after the pilot and "Things You Can't Outrun". However, most of the shots with "Wells" were refilmed for this episode, and the scene continues on after Barry and Iris run after the thief.
  • In the flashbacks, DeVoe reveals that 2,600 people were affected by the dark matter of the particle accelerator explosion.
  • Barry tells Iris that his "Spidey sense is tingling", referencing the Marvel superhero Spider-Man and his powers.
  • When Wally returns to Central City, he talks about fighting a giant starfish from outer space. This is a reference to the Justice League villain Starro.
  • This is the second episode in which Barry stays in his civilian persona and doesn't appear as the Flash, the first being "Girls Night Out".
  • This is the last episode of The Flash to feature Keiynan Lonsdale (Wally West) as a series regular as he became as a series regular in DC's Legends of Tomorrow (starting in the episode "The Curse of the Earth Totem") and is downgraded to guest star for the rest of the season.
  • Ralph Dibny only appears in the second sneak peek, which ended up being a deleted scene from the episode.


  • The date of the particle accelerator explosion is said to have occurred on January 7, 2014. However, it was previously stated by Felicity Smoak in "Episode 4" of the animated series Vixen and Cisco Ramon in the Arrow Season 3 episode "Broken Arrow" that the particle accelerator exploded on December 11, 2013.
  • When listing DeVoe's "charitable qualities", Harry mentioned that he volunteers at an orphanage. Orphanages in America had been completely replaced by the foster care system in the United States by the early 1970s.
  • Eobard's speech at the press conference is slightly different than it was in "Pilot". His hair is also slightly different, being longer this time around.
    • Similar to the date of the particle accelerator explosion, Flashpoint couldn't have been what changed this, as footage from the pilot rather than this episode is reused when this scene is shown again in "What's Past is Prologue".
  • When Eobard walks on stage, the people on the right side of the stage are farther behind him in the shot from behind the stage than they are in the other shots.
  • It seems strange that Joe still thinks that DeVoe was not the meta-human or at least the criminal they were looking for, as he was with Barry when they did the investigation, so he knew that DeVoe was lying and if he was innocent, DeVoe would have no reason to lie.