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"The Enlightenment will come for you, too, Marlize. I will be all that remains."
"Oh, Clifford. You are nothing without me."
Clifford DeVoe and Marlize DeVoe as Marlize leaves her husband

"Therefore She Is" is the twentieth episode of the fourth season of The Flash, and the eighty-ninth episode overall. It aired on May 1, 2018.



"Therefore She Is" starts with a flashback of the DeVoe's preceding their marriage. They're apparently in a discussion group at Cambridge, debating on ideas before a school class.

Present day, Cisco's working in his lab when a breach opens up and Gypsy sends him a message box. She requests his decision on whether Cisco's planning to accept her dad's job as Breacher.

Team Flash gathers around Caitlin, attempting to run her through tests trying to bring Killer Frost back. None of the tests are working and Harry starts to forget increasingly more data. At the point when the team sees, Cisco is compelled to uncover that Harry's thinking cap has hurt his intelligence.

Cisco makes reference to that Harry's condition is more than likely reversible and Caitlin offers to take a shot at it full-time, however Harry will not let her give up her other jobs to get him out.

At Vandermeer Steel, the DeVoes show up looking for an extraordinary composite. Clifford ingests the entirety of the permit and when they're on out, they're halted by a security guard. Clifford makes the guard turn the weapon on himself, to the disappointment of Marlize.

The following day, Joe shows up at Vandermeer with Barry, Cisco, and Iris. Barry speeds around the lab and finds a record for a "Composite 1771" that is absent. Iris returns and lets them know "Composite 1771" was a solar power board used to assimilate the sun's energy at 400% efficiency. They take a stab at persuading Cisco to use his powers to vibe the board's area however he says he isn't ground-breaking enough to follow The Thinker. Barry attempts to instruct him to combine his powers and Gypsy's.

Another flashback, the DeVoe's are having a picnic.

Rover shows up and she and Cisco start co-vibing. They see a harbor with shipping containers. All the more explicitly, a container with the number 16 on it. They show up at the harbor but find they are too late, DeVoe has just gotten the things out of the shipping container.

DeVoe transports Barry somewhere else and blasts both Cisco and Gypsy back. DeVoe gets away. At the point when Cisco and Gypsy recover physically, they start arguing about one another not being sufficiently focused. Barry shows up back at the dock and catches the Gypsy and her dad have given Cisco another job offer.

The group reconvenes at STAR Labs and Barry begins conversing with Cisco about the offer. Barry offers to help manage him in settling on the correct choice.

Another flashback, the DeVoe's are moving boxes into their new home. Marlize starts unloading a box when she finds a diary of Clifford's she starts understanding it. Afterward, Clifford gets back and Marlize asks him whether he accepts the stuff he wrote in the diary. She says it reads like a manifesto obsessed with the destruction of technology.

Cecile shows up at Harry's lab and discloses to him that Joe advised her to get her psychic dampener to get an update. After she removes the dampener, she in a split second hears Harry's thoughts screaming at her. Harry reveals to her the more he thinks, the faster he loses his intelligence.

Barry finds Gypsy at Jitters and has a go at conversing with her about her relationship with Cisco. Barry surges Gypsy back to STAR Labs, where he can converse with them two without a moment's delay. Barry uncovers that Cisco hasn't settled on a choice since he's apprehensive about leaving his group. As the penetrating couple discusses their relationship, an alarm goes off and it's indicated that there's another break-in at Vandermeer.

Cisco and Gypsy attempt co-vibing once more, however it doesn't work. Barry has a go at conversing with them once more, however Iris gives persuading him to remain a shot of their business and let them make sense of it themselves.

Harry and Cecile are talking when Cecile acknowledges she can hear Harry's contemplations before they vanish. On the off chance that she composes sufficiently quick, she's ready to record his considerations before the vanish.

In a flashback, Marlize is chipping away at a venture that makes clean water in creating nations. She gets an approach her telephone and it's Clifford in tears, he's imploring her to return home. Marlize camp is then assaulted by radicals and she hangs up the telephone, leaving Clifford in obscurity.

Cisco and Gypsy at long last get around to talking. Simultaneously, the two of them state that they don't need Cisco to take the activity. Cisco reveals to Gypsy he needs more in their relationship. He's burnt out on living on different planets. Barry calls in and tells the two that he needs them in the cortex.

Barry discovers that DeVoe is planning to make an plan of satellites to control quantum PCs that will help spread their "enlightenment" messages. An alert goes off and the see the DeVoe's are taking a shot at taking the quantum PCs.

Clifford DeVoe choking Gypsy 1

Gypsy battling Clifford DeVoe.

Barry, Cisco, Gypsy, and Caitlin show up and attempt to take the DeVoe's out. As Caitlin attempts to bring out Killer Frost, DeVoe uses his powers to start gagging Gypsy. Marlize gets up and won't watch DeVoe slaughter another innocent person. She at last persuades Clifford to quit choking Gypsy.

The group rendezvous at STAR Labs. Wells and Cecile surge in to reveal to them they know DeVoe's plans. He's going to attempt to use the PCs and his powers to decrease the knowledge of everybody on Earth.

Cisco and Gypsy vibe to the Collectors Agency HQ on Earth-19. They choose to end their relationship.

Joe shocks Cecile with an baby shower. Barry sees Cisco is somewhat down and goes to converse with him about Gypsy. Barry concedes he thinks Cisco to the correct thing.

Iris converses with Caitlin about her activities prior. Iris says she thinks Caitlin shouldn't place herself in harms way again however Caitlin emphasizes that she'll get Killer Frost back regardless.

In another flashback, it's uncovered Clifford ventured out to the medical clinic Marlize is being held at after their assault. Marlize concurs with Clifford's considerations that technology is the root of all evil.

Present day, Marlize is sitting in Clifford's hoverchair. He gives asking her a shot and she's angry and heartbroken that he's attempting to rule the world now as opposed to educating it. She says that she's leaving Clifford and is leaving him inside his own pocket dimension. She leaves.

The secret young lady we've seen before this season thumps on Joe and Cecile's entryway. She leaves them a birth present and leaves before anybody can ask questions. We see her sneaking away around the bend and she hurries off, uncovering she is a speedster.



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  • The title of this episode is similar to the title of the seventh episode of the fourth season, "Therefore I Am".
    • Similar to that episode, this episode features flashbacks of the DeVoes.
  • Discovering DeVoe's plan, Cisco likens him to a James Bond villain.
  • The manner in which DeVoe attempts to choke Gypsy by using Janet Petty's gravity-bending powers to apply pressure around her throat is similar to the way Darth Vader, from the Star Wars franchise, uses the Force to choke others.
  • Joe mentioned that Wally gave him and Cecile a bassinet that once belonged to Moses. This is a reference to Wally's time traveling adventures with the Legends, which were seen in the Season 3 of DC's Legends of Tomorrow.
  • The mystery girl is revealed to also be a speedster.
  • Accelerated Man returns, after making a brief appearance in "Attack on Central City", however, this appearance was also a brief one.
  • Cisco describes everything in DeVoes wake as the "Home Alone movies", referencing the Home Alone franchise which starred Macaulay Culkin in the first two films.
  • The Mystery Girl "predicts" that Cecile's due date is 21 days from today which is the season 4 finale "We Are The Flash".


  • The flashback when Clifford and Marlize first danced together is listed as 8 years prior to this episode, which would place it in 2010. However, in a continuity error, Clifford mentioned in "The Trial of The Flash", that he and Marlize first danced together on June 13, 1997.
  • The large Quantum Computers DeVoe shrinks must have their own source of power because when they shrunk there was no cables left or holes in the floor.



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