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Theresa Howard (died October 2014) was a judge residing in Central City, and the mother of an unnamed girl. She presided over Kyle Nimbus' trial and was killed by him a year later as revenge.


In late 2013, Theresa Howard was the judge presiding over Kyle Nimbus' trial. She sentenced him to be executed via poison gas.

Nearly a year later, Theresa found her docket was clear for the afternoon, so she stopped by the Central City Shopping Mall to pick up her daughter's homecoming dress. After entering an elevator, Theresa was ambushed by Nimbus (who survived his execution via the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator), much to her shock, as she believed him to be dead. Wanting revenge for his sentencing, Nimbus coldly taunted Theresa that her soul is now at the mercy of God. He then transformed into toxic gas, forcing her to inhale him in the closed elevator. Theresa futilely pounded on the glass walls for help as she suffocated to death.[1]


  • High-level intellect/Master lawyer/Political acumen: Theresa was a highly respected judicator. Theresa's experience with the legal system enabled her to successfully sentence virtually every criminal she prosecuted.


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