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"I'll take this one. Uh, 'The Crook'. Lame? 'A Five-Finger'..."
"How about 'Thief'? He robs stuff. Let's just call him 'Thief'."
Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon[src]

An unnamed man, nicknamed Thief by Cisco Ramon, is a criminal who had tried to conduct an armed robbery in Central City.


In 2016, the unnamed man conducted an armed robbery of a jewelry store, using a motorcycle and submachine gun. Easily evading the CCPD, he was chased by the Flash, who used his speed to outrun the man's bullets before dismantling criminal's motorcycle part-by-part. As the motorcycle stopped, the criminal found himself helplessly listening to the Flash as the latter retrieved stolen jewelry, as well as bullets from the gun, and left him for the police.

After the man was arrested, Barry Allen jokingly suggested that Cisco Ramon coin a nickname for the criminal, to which Cisco miserably replied that they should just call him "Thief", which made it obvious to Barry that Cisco had dramatically changed following Flashpoint.[1]


While showing to have some skill in what he does, Thief was also a very nervous man, panicking as The Flash arrived and being unable to do anything effective.[1]


  • Expert driver: Thief was shown to be very skilled with riding a motorcycle, not only able to evade the police, but also jump over a car and being able to still balance on his motorcycle as it was virtually taken apart piece-by-piece.
  • Marksmanship:


  • Husqvarna SM Motorcycle:Thief is shown to be skilled in using his motorcycle.
  • Micro Uzi Submachine Gun: With ammunition and a shoulder rig.
  • Backpack:
  • Gloves:


The Flash[]

Season 3[]


  • His costume and equipment, including a jeans waistcoat and Micro Uzi submachine gun on a shoulder rig, may have been inspired by the look of Chuck Norris' character, Matt Hunter, in the 1985 action movie Invasion U.S.A..
  • Barry Allen suggested several names for the character, including Suspect on a Motorcycle, The Crook, and A Five-Finger.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In DC comics, a character known only as the Thief, while primarily being a Catwoman foe (working alongside The Calculator), shares many similarities with his television counterpart, including a similar appearance (headwear, simple firearms, backpack, and a shoulder rig) and the fact that he's a new criminal in town who clashes with the local vigilante. Ironically though, it was Catwoman who used the motorcycle during her clash against the Thief.
  • It is interesting that Cisco Ramon's nickname for him, Thief, is actually not accurate considering that his modus operandi is armed robbery and not thievery.


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