Thierry[1] is the father of Anaya and the leader of the Perdi who resides in South Freeland.


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Early in his life, Thierry married Batina, conceived of a young daughter, and settled in South Freeland with the Perdi population.

Visited by Anissa Pierce, he and Batina were reluctant to engage with her surrounding her daughter's pregnancy, the two learning that their daughter birthed twins of Perdi and Sange lineage. He worked alongside Anissa to protect his daughter and her newborns from Looker's minions, grouping off through the woods. Anaya's father learned of his wife's demise after the onslaught ended, the Perdi creating a burial for her.[2][3]

Months after the encounter of Anissa, he and the Perdi found her unconscious body outside the perimeter set by the A.S.A.[4]


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