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"He tried to change you, Marlize. But I think that deep down, you are still an optimist. You still believe in humanity. And I believe in you. You asked me what I was willing to do for my husband. And now I'm gonna ask you... what are you willing to do for the world?"
Iris West-Allen convincing Marlize DeVoe to help Team Flash

"Think Fast" is the twenty-second episode of the fourth season of The Flash, and the ninety-first episode overall. It aired on May 15, 2018.



"The Flash" starts with John Diggle arriving at an ARGUS office in Central City. The gatekeepers grant him access to the office, and when they let down their security frameworks, it's uncovered that DeVoe had been utilizing Dibny's powers to act like Diggle.

He slaughters the security watches outside and enters the office, making speedy work of the watchmen inside. He utilizes Kilgore's forces to hack the centralized computer PC framework and we see the thing he's pursuing: a clear metahuman kept in balance.

Barry, Iris, and Cisco are incubating out an arrangement on halting DeVoe. Barry concedes he's not quick enough yet to run into DeVoe's pocket measurement and Cisco says that on the off chance that they split up, they may have a superior possibility at halting DeVoe.

Wells is seeing Iris' blog when they notice it's gotten more than 400,000 new guests. While they're discussing the prominence of the website, Iris' telephone gets another warning from DeVoe, who's utilizing the Kilgore powerset to attempt to hack Iris' blog.

Caitlin is having a treatment meeting with the specialist we've seen Barry and Iris go to previously.

Cisco's capable get around DeVoe' hack and they discover that the metahuman DeVoe is after is Fallout. Realizing that Fallout is in ARGUS care, Barry races to Star City and brings back the genuine John Diggle, who gets to ARGUS records to discover someone presenting at him checked in six hours prior.

At the point when Cisco understands that DeVoe is after Fallout, he says that they just have twelve hours before DeVoe's "Illumination" starts.

Barry takes Diggle back to Star City and speeds over into Central City. At the point when he gets back, Cisco uncovers that DeVoe is utilizing Fallout's atomic vitality to control the satellites as a piece of the Enlightenment. Cisco does some further uncovering and finds that DeVoe is holding six ARGUS specialists prisoner.

Joe and Cecile are preparing to go to the emergency clinic for her conveyance.

Iris and Wells are working through certain issues at STAR Labs. Wells makes reference to that on the off chance that they investigate Marlize's past, they may have the option to discover more data on the whereabouts of Clifford's antagonized spouse.

Caitlin and Cisco have a thought on the most proficient method to stop DeVoe: they need to enter Flashtime with Barry. Barry does whatever it takes not to join Flashtime with him, however they show their science behind their hypothesis and he consents to prepare them on the best way to move about in Flashtime.

They start preparing and on the first go around, Cisco cannot utilize his forces while in Flashtime.

Joe and Cecile come converse with Caitlin in light of the fact that they feel Cecile's psyche perusing powers are getting more grounded. Caitlin gives her an inhaler which will let her unwind until she conceives an offspring.

Wells reveals to Iris that he thinks Marlize will join their side to stop Clifford, however Iris advises him that Marlize wounded her through the chest. Iris gets resentful and deserts Harry at STAR Labs.

Barry is attempting to prepare Caitlin and Cisco in Flashtime once more. They're attempting to deal with situations on the most proficient method to spare the prisoners. Ciscos' ready to utilize his powers this time, however Caitlin cannot control up the virus firearm. She drops out of Flashtime and takes herself out. At the point when she's taken out, we see flashbacks to her youth where she was hit by a vehicle while riding her bicycle.

Barry and Cisco take Caitlin to the prescription cove. She awakens and says she's fine, yet Barry tells Caitlin and Cisco that he won't continue preparing them.

Harry follows Iris home and keeps on having a go at persuading Iris to let Marlize join their group. Harry strolls inside her loft and Iris gets agitated, requesting that he remove his shoes since he's following mud around the house. She at that point stops to think and acknowledges she may know where Marlize has been covering up.

At STAR Labs, Barry's attempting to go through situations himself. Cisco strolls in and goes up against Barry about proceeding to prepare them. The two wind up contending about the passing of Ralph.

Iris and Wells come in to tell the gathering that they discovered Marlize at her home in England. Barry gives Iris the last penetrating gadget to get to England.

At the ARGUS office, Fallout clearly combusts, discharging the entirety of his radiation which DeVoe channels. DeVoe shrivels the chamber and goes to hurry into his pocket measurement when Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco show up.

They enter Flashtime and salvage the entirety of the prisoners and Barry races through the pocket measurement after DeVoe. DeVoe discharges his satellites however Barry utilizes a dangerous to detonate one of the satellites.

DeVoe starts addressing Barry on the Enlightenment and cautions Barry that adoration may be his ruin. DeVoe escapes into another pocket measurement.

Caitlin and Cisco comfort the prisoners and Caitlin pulls Cisco aside. She converses with him about the memory she quickly observed about getting hit by a vehicle. She asks Cisco to vibe to the scene and they see Caitlin became Killer Frost when she was hit by the vehicle, path before the atom smasher detonated.

Iris and Wells get to Marlize's condo and go up against her. Marlize perceives that Wells is enduring the impacts of what the Enlightenment will cause over the world.

Iris discusses Marlize's past at Oxfod and persuades her to join Team Flash. Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco surge back to STAR Labs, where they discover that DeVoe has undermined the offices satellite to use instead of the one Barry detonated. DeVoe utilizes Kilgore's forces to hack the STAR Labs frameworks and he takes the Enlightenment on the web.



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  • When DeVoe (disguised as John Diggle) goes to A.R.G.U.S., a guard says "Elvis, Banana" DeVoe then responds "Hendricks, Spaghetti"; a word association test that Barry had been given in the penultimate episode of season 3 ("Infantino Street") when he and Leonard Snart had broken into A.R.G.U.S. to steal the Dominators' energy source being stored there. With a fake I.D. created by Cisco, and H.R.'s facial transmogrification device, Barry (impersonating Lyla Michaels) had been been able to get past most of the security at the facility's entrance. However, when the guard gave the word association test, Barry was unable to give the correct answer, and thus, had to fight his way through security.
    • Both sets of words relate to a celebrity's favorite food;
      • "Elvis, Banana" is a reference to Elvis Presley, and his love of peanut butter, banana and sometimes bacon sandwiches.
      • "Hendricks, Spaghetti" refers to Christina Hendricks and her love of spaghetti.
  • When DeVoe is attacking A.R.G.U.S., he plays and moves to part 2 of the Messiah Highlights.
  • Diggle's extreme susceptibility to motion sickness is once again witnessed, with Iris, Caitlin, and Cisco preparing a trash can and water bottle for his inevitable bout of vomiting following Barry superspeeding him into S.T.A.R. Labs.
  • Cisco likens DeVoe to the Legion of Doom, suggesting they send the "Super Friends" to defeat him. The "Super Friends" typically refers to the Justice League of America, the name originating from the TV series of the same name. In that series, the Legion of Doom were also an enemy of the Super Friends.
  • When Cisco discovers that DeVoe has hostages he says "oh Frell me" the is in reference to the science fiction tv show Farscape on which Frell is a swear word in the same vein as Frak from Battlestar Galactica.
  • When the delivery guy brings Joe and Cecile's food, he goes to compliment the house. Joe suggests the phrase "bitchin'", yet another callback to the season premiere in which the team decodes a message from an entranced Barry says "this house is bitchin'".
  • This is the second episode of the Arrowverse to feature John Diggle without Oliver Queen, the first being "King Shark".
  • Barry says he checked Black Hawk Island, in the comics Black Hawk Island is Hawkman's hide out and is the base of a an international team of heroic WWII pilots called the Blackhawks.
  • Joe mentions how Wally is on a "time ship" referring to the Waverider in DC's Legends of Tomorrow.


  • After DeVoe steps on the miniaturized guard, the floor is devoid of any squished remains.