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"This Is My Life" is the first chapter of the comic book series Adventures of Supergirl. It was released digitally on January 25, 2016.



Rampage stormed down onto the playing field during a football game between the National City Sharks and the Metropolis Metros. The D.E.O. sent Supergirl to intercept, with Rampage grabbing her by her head and slamming her into a brick wall. Using her heat vision, Supergirl was able to get free, making an attempt to plead with Rampage. However, burning Rampage's hand angered the alien, promoting her to uppercut Supergirl into an automobile.

While getting up, Supergirl was contacted by Director Henshaw, who told her now that she was away from the cameras he'd send a fully armed backup squadron. Though Supergirl protested against this, Henshaw pointed out that Rampage could blend in as a human most of the time, and the more she was angered, the stronger she got. Supergirl agreed with this, but she also argued that since she was invulnerable, she should handle it, so that no one else would be injured.

In the midst of arguing with Henshaw, Rampage hit Supergirl with a goalpost, which prompted Supergirl to attack Rampage with all she had. Using an uppercut she had learned from Belinda-The-Bully, Kara successfully subdued Rampage. Supergirl then reported the news to Henshaw, who told her the retrieval team was on their way, though Alex Danvers cut in, and announced that they were already there.

Telling Kara to "sit tight", Alex revealed that a knockout agent had been concocted to keep Rampage asleep. Distracted while talking to her sister, Rampage grabbed Supergirl by the ankle and threw her towards in helicopter, with the tail being destroyed and Supergirl watching as the helicopter spiraled towards the ground.


  • In this issue, Kara mentions "Belinda-The-Bully", her high school rival, which is a reference to the comic book character, Belinda Zee aka Superior Girl, a villainous doppelgänger of Supergirl from the series, Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade. The character's name is a play on Supergirl's alter ego on that series, "Linda Lee", and the character Bizarro.