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For the eponymous character, see Gus-Gus.

"This is Gus" is the ninth episode of the sixth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the ninety-first episode overall. It aired on July 11, 2021.



Lita arrives pregnant on the Waverider

Lita arrives pregnant on the Waverider.

Finding his Totem, Behrad Tarazi found out from Gideon that chronologically today is his birthday, making Behrad happy. The Legends were in a meeting talking about the aliens that are scattered on the timeline and Behrad appeared giving hints about his birthday. Gideon reported that there is a cryochamber in Vancouver in 2023. When they got to 2023, Mick Rory was talking to Lita, who was desperate to see him. Behrad spoke to Zari Tarazi to continue talking about her special day, even though she didn't know what it was. Nate Heywood came out of Behrad's bracelet, angry that it was taken out when he was with Zari Tomaz. After taking Ava Sharpe's portal, Rory opened a portal to Lita, but everyone was shocked to see Lita pregnant.

Ava revealed to Mick that she was the Lita of 2023. Angry, Mick demanded to know why Lita was pregnant, but Lita was angry at her father for some reason. When they arrived in Vancouver, Behrad was impressed by his favorite actor, Imran Saeed. Behrad was happy because he believed that he had been taken to the film studios to see his favorite sitcom, Bud Stuy, live. The Legends worried because they didn't know it was Behrad's birthday, so they gave him tickets to go with Nate, Zari, and Astra Logue to watch the filmation while Sara Lance and Spooner searched for the alien. During filming, Behrad was the only one laughing, leaving the director, Kamran Saeed, angry that the show was not attracting audiences. Sara and Spooner tried to stop the alien, but could not cause the alien to fall on the set of Bud Stuy causing the show to gain an audience. Because of this, Behrad took the mission personally.

Behrad, Nate, Zari, and Astra tried to take alien away, but they couldn't because they were kicked out and Kamran talked to Imran about how successful the show would be thanks to alien, but Imran didn't want the show to change. Mick and Ava talked to Lita about her pregnancy and found out that Lita left her aggressive behavior behind and met a boy named Niko, with whom she formed an affair and later Lita was pregnant by Niko. When he went to the kitchen, Mick talked to Lita about Niko. Nate talked to Zari about old Zari and how much he missed her while they searched for the alien. Behrad and Astra walked into Bud Stuy's script room and everyone had ideas about what to do with the alien. Behrad tried to convince them that the program is as before, but Astra interrupted him to find the alien. Spooner and Sara entered the set to help the others, but when they tried to take alien away, Spooner was hurt by alien's screams and the alien temporarily deaf the team until Kamran came and took alien away. The Legends were amazed at Behrad's new appearance.



Gary Green explained about the Gusarax, and they nicknamed the alien Gus-Gus and Gary said that Gus has connections with people when his race is developing and therefore Gus cannot be separated from Kamran. Since Behrad changes his personality because Gus is on the show, the Legends must have a way to stop Gus from being on the show. Nate managed to get the role of the annoying landlord to try to catch Gus. Behrad met with Imran and inspired him to convince his brother to get the show back to what it was because of all the laughter from the people who watched the show and Behrad told Imran that the show inspired him to have an amazing job and Imran thanked Behrad and agreed to talk to Kamran, but Kamran argued with him why Gus was doing the amazing show. Imran got upset with his brother and quit the show, leaving Behrad sad. Ava, Lita and Sara realized that Mick was planning to kill Niko. As Niko ran, Mick followed Niko to kill him.

Zari and Astra tried to talk to Kamran, but a changed Behrad appeared like a businessman and managed to get Zari and Astra to meet with Kamran and Astra was impressed by Behrad. Sara, Gary, and Lita tried to stop Mick, but realized that Mick was talking to Niko thanking him for taking care of his daughter. Lita was happy to learn that Mick accepts her boyfriend, since they only got carried away by the heat of the moment. Sara, Gary, and Lita were shocked to discover that Mick and Kayla had sex. Nate met with Zari and Astra, and they found out that if Behrad became a businessman, the timeline is being written making Behrad not steal the totem making Nate angry that Zari was going to disappear and Zari locked Behrad in his room to think of a plan to bring back the Behrad from before. Mick talked to Lita and Gary about what happened with Kayla. Lita was impressed that her father dated an alien. Hearing Kayla insert tentacles into Mick's ear, Gary became very concerned, but withdrew, so Mick could continue talking to Lita.

Zari tried to convince Kamran to make the show as before because his brother loved the show as it was before Gus, but Kamran ignored him and started filming the new episode with Gus. Astra tried to convince Imran to return, but he refused and left in a cart followed by Astra, who chased after him to save Behrad. Nate came to the recording as his character and decided to improvise saying he was an alien inspector and tried to kill Gus, but Astra pushed Imran on set causing Gus to fly in the sky, but he was rescued by Nate, who calmed him down with a gummy bear and was thanked by Imran and Nate successfully took Gus away while Imran returned to the show and reconciled with his brother so that Bud Stuy could go back to how he was before getting Behrad back to normal.

Zari Tomaz is reunited with the Legends again

Zari Tomaz is reunited with the team.

Behrad joined the others, who had a surprise party planned for him. Zari spoke to the Totem Zari about how good Behrad was as he was and revealed to her that he spoke to the ancestors convincing them that Tomaz could be outside, and she would be in the totem preventing Behrad from dying and Zari Tomaz thanked Tarazi. Astra flirted with Behrad and he got excited because little by little he is impressing Astra. Behrad was surprised to see that the Zari 1.0 returned, and Nate ran up to her to share a kiss. Zari was informed of everything that happened while on the totem, but Gary interrupted them to reveal that when Mick and Kayla had sex, she inserted alien eggs into it and everyone was shocked to discover that Mick is pregnant.



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  • The episode title is a reference to the TV series This Is Us.
  • Lita mentions donating money (left to her by Mick) "to AOC's future presidential run", a reference to U.S. House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known by her initials "AOC".
  • Lita mentions she is "vegan and past [her] Black Sabbath phrase"
  • Mick ensures that his future grandchild has two loving parents; having failed partly with Lita and knowing his father Dick Rory failed completely.
  • When Nate auditions for a role on Bud Stuy, he asks, "Is this for The CW?", a meta-reference to the network DC's Legends of Tomorrow airs on.
  • Behrad's personality changing since his favorite TV show "Bud Stuy" was altered due to the arrival of the alien, who basically just took the show away from the leading actor, is similar to "Raiders of the Lost Art", when Ray Palmer and Nate's career paths were drastically changed since George Lucas quit directing school and never went on to release Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark.
    • The alien taking the place of Behrad's favorite actor is also similar to when Helen of Troy inadvertently took Hedy Lamarr's place in a movie filmed in 1937 which gained the Legends attention in "Helen Hunt".
  • When Zari Tomaz leaves the Air Totem and reunites with the Legends, she notes "Avalance"'s engagement, a nod to the ship name between Sara and Ava
  • It is revealed that female Necrians (like Kayla) lay their eggs in their partner's head through via their ear canal during intercourse, and that Kayla did so to Mick, making him the host of her eggs.


  • In the official press release for the episode, Adam Tsekhman's name was misspelt as "Adam Tsekham".
  • The synopsis mentions the Legends traveling to 2024; however, in the episode, the Legends travel to 2023.