"The city needs you Barry, and you need a friend in high places. Let me be that friend. Because you sure as hell don't want me as your enemy."
—Thomas Castillo to Barry Allen[src]

Thomas Castillo was the corrupt district attorney of Central City and an enemy of both Megan Lockhart and Barry Allen/The Flash.


Thomas had been under the thumb of Arthur Simonson until he had hired Megan Lockhart to find out who the Flash is so he can blackmail the man behind the mask. After he discovered it was really Barry Allen, Thomas used his secret to threaten his family so he could have the Flash make Arthur back down from Castillo. When Barry and Lockhart gathered enough evidence needed to bring down him and Arthur, Thomas escaped, still threatening to publicly release Barry's identity. However, Thomas' car was rigged to explode by Simonson, killing him.[1]


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