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"Have faith, my friend. God will protect you."
—Thomas Flynn to Anatoly Knyazev[src]

Reverend Thomas Flynn is a missionary and a former prisoner of Anthony Ivo. While imprisoned on the Amazo, he had a pet rat whom he named Abraham.


Sometime around late 2007 to early 2008, Thomas was working as a missionary in Maliku, an island off the coast of India. One day, the Amazo docked at the port for supplies, and a scientist, Dr. Anthony Ivo, requested Thomas to come aboard the ship to administer last rites for a dying man. However, once Thomas boarded, he was thrown in a prison cell.

Thomas spent a little over a year on the ship. In 2009 when Oliver Queen was captured, Thomas saw him come through. During Oliver's recapture after an attempted escape, Thomas met Oliver directly. He told Oliver of his story, letting his pet rat, Abraham, run over Oliver.

Not long after, the ship was hijacked and Thomas was freed from his cell by Sara Lance. When Hendrick Von Arnim attempted to strangle Sara to death, Thomas knocked him across the head with a pole, saving her. Thomas then ran and dove off the Amazo, eventually swimming to the mainland of Lian Yu.[1]

After the Amazo sank, it can be presumed Thomas returned to India with Anatoly Knyazev in his submarine.



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