"She was wearing it the night that she and my Uncle Thomas were killed, but he always kept it here."
Kate Kane on Martha Wayne's necklace[src]

Thomas Wayne was a billionaire businessman and philanthropist in Gotham City. He was the husband of the late Martha Wayne and the father of Bruce Wayne.


Thomas Wayne was born in Gotham City into the esteemed Wayne family.[1] He eventually married Martha Kane and the two had a son, Bruce.

One fateful night, Thomas and Martha were murdered in a mugging, leaving a traumatized Bruce the sole survivor.[2]


Sometime after Thomas and Martha's murders, their son, Bruce Wayne, became the vigilante known as Batman to honor his parents.[2]



Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Thomas Wayne was a famous surgeon and wealthy philanthropist, as well as the husband of Martha Wayne and father of Bruce Wayne. Thomas and Martha's murders would ultimately inspire their son to become the superhero known as "Batman".


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