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    12:05, December 27, 2019

    These are two I've seen so far that need renamed appropriately, and say for "Clark" at least to become a disambiguation article. Granted, I haven't read all articles or know the names, links, etc to know if there was an actual holdup or if this was simply overlooked. Just thought I'd point this out in hope it reaches those with the power to renaming articles and whatnot, or at least an explanation of what's going on.

    Thank for any help on the matter, and may the Speed Force be with you!

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    • Clark certainly needs a disambiguation page, though it can definitely stay at the same page given there's no other characters named just "Clark". As for Tina McGee, the more prominent characters take precedence when it comes to the base page with no Earth in parenthesis, so it's fine where it is.

      EDIT: My bad, Clark does need to move, which I've done myself.

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