• I just wanted to bring to your attention that unconfirmed information is being added to the pages of Earth-1 and Earth-2 Linda Park. A user by the name of XAntiX keeps changing their status to Alive and adding Earth-Prime to their current Universe. He doesn't realize that the Dr.Light in season 6 of The Flash is not the same character as seen in season 2. And he believes that the news reporter called Linda Park ( Played by Olivia Cheng ) is the same Linda Park that's played by Malese Jow.

    The news reporter was seen during a flashback in episode 12 of season 6 and because of that he thinks that Linda Park of Earth-1 is also alive and well on Earth-Prime. But these same named characters have never been confirmed to be the same person. This has even been stated by Malese Jow herself that they treat the character as different people.

    Now I've tried to explain this but he doesn't seem to care. Is this something you can correct or take care off or should i contact the admin for this?

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    • Wow, you are really that desperate to let me know go change it if you want idc really and i realized the mistake and im done.

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    • Okay, is this resolved now?

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    • A FANDOM user
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