"I know I may look like the ultimate career woman, but all this, it means nothing to me. I'm unfulfilled. The Joker and I always wanted kids. Me and my Mr. J, we would have had such beautiful children. My green eyes and his green hair. Instead, the best I could do was to have you custom-make this baby for me and you lost him."
Harleen Quinzel on creating Guy.
"Three Birds and a Baby" is the fourth episode of Birds of Prey. It aired on October 30, 2002.


When Helena rescues an abandoned baby boy, Guy, and brings him back to the clock tower, Barbara and Dinah try to help. However, to everyone's surprise, the baby is only happy when Helena is holding him. Even more astounding is the fact that Guy wakes from his nap as a walking, talking 5-year-old and is soon a teenager. Now in a race against time, the women discover that Guy is programmed to live his entire life in three days--and to kill the first person he becomes attached to, putting Helena in grave danger.[src]



Guest starring



  • Unknown as baby Guy



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