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"Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder" is the sixth episode of the first season of Black Lightning, and the sixth episode overall. It aired on February 27, 2018.




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Joey Toledo contacts Deputy Chief Cayman about Black Lighting, giving him his location. Peter Gambi manages to get to Jefferson first, and informs Lynn Stewart about the situation.

Recovering, Jefferson has to deal with situations surrounding both his daughters. Anissa is in trouble with the police due to the vandalism of a statue of a Confederate general. Kara Fowdy also shows him cyber-bullying videos targeting Jennifer.

Lynn compares the brain scans of individuals on Green Light with Jefferson's and finds some correlation between the two. Jefferson begins to prepare from his confrontation with Tobias. Anissa uses her powers to destroy the Confederate statue.

Anissa reveals her powers to Lynn and shows her Alvin Pierce's research. The hospital is subsequently attacked, causing Jefferson to call off his planned attack on Tobias. Anissa arrives at the hospital in costume and fights off the thieves that have Lynn hostage. Jefferson arrives and mistakes her for the threat. Jefferson easily beats and injures her, but soon realizes it is his own daughter.

Jefferson and Lynn take Anissa to Gambi for help. Gambi turns to Lady Eve and makes a deal to keep the Pierce family off-limits. Khalil Payne agrees to take by Tobias' offer to walk again. Anissa wakes up and learns that her father is Black Lightning.




  • The episode was previously titled "Vengeance".[1]
  • The term "metahuman" or "meta-human" was used in this episode, a term which is used quite frequently in The Flash (2014).