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"Through the Valley of Death" is the twelfth episode of the first season of Superman & Lois, and the twelfth episode overall. It aired on July 13, 2021.



The scene starts at the Metropolis Institute of Technology, where John Henry Irons stands by restlessly for something. He reenters his RV, welcomed by his AI, and they set out for a lady's home. As he's watching this current world's variant of his sister, Lois gets back to him to Smallville to help.

At Rho's refuge, Superman is battling the impact of the Eradicator. After a tirade, Tal-Rho reveals to him that he is to be supplanted with Zod, and protection from Zod's will is worthless.

Back at the Kent Farm, the young men are stressed, and Lois discloses to them that Clark is doing to be OK. They don't trust her, yet she's talking for a fact, and advises them to rest and quit stressing. As they leave for their room, Sam pulls up outside. He requests the area from the Fortress, and Lois discloses to her dad Clark isn't there, and that Rho's Fortress is in the desert. As Sam is changing the DOD's pursuit matrix, Lois at long last separates in tears.

At the Cushing house, Kyle is irritated by going check in with the military and be tested with regards to his encounters with the Kryptonians. His doorbell rings, and it's one of his firemen. She says the remainder of the team doesn't need him there, on the grounds that he vouched for Edge. she recommends that he requires a couple of days and allows individuals an opportunity to chill.

At the Kent ranch, Jordan and Jonathan are disappointed that the military can't effectively discover Clark. Jon recommends that Jordan could utilize his super-hearing to attempt to find Clark. Jordan opposes it, yet Jon mentors him to sorting it out.

John Henry talks about what occurred with Lois, and keeping in mind that he appreciates that Superman gave up to secure her, and requested that she call John in, he says that in case Superman is sending for him, even Superman realizes the main decision is to kill Superman.

Lois discloses to John that she will not allow him to kill Superman, and John inquires as to why she figures Superman isn't attempting to forfeit himself. Lois discloses to John that she will demonstrate to him that Superman will not be turned. She stomps off, and Sam and John begin planning for in the event that it becomes important to kill the Kryptonians.

Outside, Jordan is stressed over not being sufficient to discover Clark, or to help on the off chance that he does, however Jon reveals to him that what happened when Clark gave up himself isn't his issue, and that Jordan can help now.

In the RV, John uncovers that he and the Lex Luthor of his reality made a modern rocket dependent on red sun innovation that can totally exhaust a Kryptonian's force for enough time to kill them. He advises Sam to fabricate it, and if John Henry has it, he will sort out some way to utilize it, even without his boat.

In the town square, Emily and her family defy the Cushings about their job in getting her annihilated. Lois attempts to empower them that they will not be held accountable everlastingly, since it isn't their shortcoming. He calls them into the paper to get some information about being a Subjekt. Lana has nothing to say, however Kyle has more recollections, since he was battling the impact. He reveals to Lois that he felt like he was losing himself, he was unable to recall things, and it hurt. He said that regardless of how he battled, there was a mind-boggling sense that his family would be in an ideal situation in the event that he let go, and he practically did. Lois' large focus point is that you can battle the impact.

In the desert, that is the thing that Superman is doing while the two Rhos look on. Superman recalls his family and takes off at maximum velocity, yet collides with the stones outside of Rho's Fortress. Back in Smallville, Jordan hears Clark calling him.

The two are getting back to and fro between each other, and Rho hinders to advise Jordan not to send anybody after him.

Diggle is in the town square, having given some tech to Sam and John Henry's rocket. Lois discovers, and she's angered that Sam deceived her. Diggle is furious that Sam deceived him and Lyla concerning what the tech was for. He's additionally not excited that Sam was holding onto somebody from one more Earth without unveiling it.

At the Cushing house, Kyle blows a gasket after he gets back to discover one of his windows broken out and spray painting on the structure advising them to escape Smallville. Following a strained couple of moments, Lana and Sarah head inside, while Kyle goes to fire tidying up the house.

After the young men educate Sam concerning what they've realized, he reveals to Lois that when they find Rho's Fortress, he's sending in John Henry with the rocket.

Lois pulls John Henry to the side and mournfully concedes to him that Superman is her significant other. This clearly shakes John Henry to some degree.

She concedes that the young men didn't have the foggiest idea who Clark was until this year, and that is the reason they moved to Smallville. She reveals to John Henry that things are diverse here, on the grounds that he has more to battle for than he did on John Henry's planet. John isn't intrigued. He reveals to Lois that he has an obligation to make the best choice, and he won't be impacted by her tears.

Diggle discloses to Sam that he's finished with the daily routine he experienced during his years with Oliver, however that he's baffled in Sam and John Henry for not depleting all choices to save a partner and a legend.

Back at the Cushing house, Lana and Sarah are experiencing difficulty getting the paint off the house. Kyle appears with some paint remover to assist. The threesome end up in a water battle with the hose and cleaning supplies, giving them the principal cheerful second as a family they've had since the entirety of this began.

At the Smallville Register, Lois is getting herself together when the young men come in. They inquire as to whether they're past the point of no return, and she says she doesn't have the foggiest idea.

In the desert, Superman breakdowns, and Rho begins boasting to his holo-father about it. Superman remains before them and talks in a frightening, incorporeal voice - he's conversing with them as Zod.

All at once, Sam and John Henry discover the desert Fortress. John goes to do a last framework check, and Jonathan faces him, attempting one final chance to break through to him not to kill Clark. John Henry reveals to him he wishes there was another way, and Jon advises him there's consistently another way.

In the desert, John Henry flies in, heavily clad up and conveying his hammer. Superman flies to him, his eyes gleaming, and assaults.

As in the pilot, Superman and the shielded John Henry battle in space, then, at that point, fall back to Earth. Sam approves him to utilize the rocket against Superman, yet Lois counters that on the off chance that he does, they don't have anything to battle Edge with. She says John Henry needs to break through to Clark and cause him to recall what his identity is. As she says this, Superman has a glimmer of humankind, and John Henry utilizes the second to clock him a couple of times with the mallet.

Clark begins to remain back up, and discloses to John Henry that he needs to kill him, and that he can't stop. He advises John to kill him to save the world, and that is the thing that causes John to choose to converse with him as a man all things being equal. He calls him Clark and reveals to him that his family puts stock in him. He shares his experience , and he discloses to him that the aggravation he's inclination right currently isn't anything contrasted with what he will feel in the event that he loses Lois and the children. With dreams of all of last week's flashbacks, Clark shouts and tumbles to the ground, having apparently flushed Zod from his framework. John helps him to his feet, and radios in that Clark is back. He discloses to Lois he will be back soon, on the whole, he and John Henry need to manage Rho.

Back in his cavern, Rho tells his dad that Zod has been turned around. his dad advises him "now is the ideal time," and that he needs his child to proceed to finish what he was shipped off do. Rho impacts through the divider, conveying the Eradicator, and takes off at maximum velocity. Superman and John Henry give pursue, yet it's difficult to keep Edge in range when he goes straight up into space. He's getting ready to over-burden the Eradicator with his warmth vision, probably to invert what Clark did last time, yet the rocket finds him and he plunges to Earth. He begins yelling at Superman, who punches him out.

At the Kent Farm, Lois tells the young men that she realizes how they're feeling, and it's the most exceedingly terrible, yet Clark will be home. Jordan hears him starting things out, and they all scramble out to meet him. Minutes after the fact, John Henry tumbles from the sky, his mallet close by, and acquaints himself officially with the family. Lois welcomes him over for supper, however John needs to go wrap things up with Sam. He takes the sledge and impacts ease off, passing on the family to have their alone time.

At the Cushing house, Sophie returns home from Lana's mother and there's a cheerful family gathering.

At the Kent farmhouse, Sam tells Clark and Lois that Leslie Larr is as yet in the breeze, however they're giving a valiant effort to discover her. When she's in guardianship, the DoD will leave Smallville and things will fully recover. He begins to apologize to Lois about the tactical side of what occurred, disclosing to her she's glad for her for keeping her confidence, which is the thing that had the effect.

At a cutting edge military jail, Edge is sitting in a green-K room, getting blazes of his dad's voice in his mind.



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