Thunder suits are a series of protective suits used by Anissa Pierce as the vigilante Thunder.


First suit

Thunder first suit.

After discovering she had powers, Anissa Pierce decided to buy herself an outfit to wear as a vigilante, being helped out by Ben under the pretence of it being a costume.[1]

Second suit

Thunder suited up for the first time.

After Anissa's powers were revealed to Jefferson and Lynn, Lynn had Gambi make a protective suit to protect Anissa and conceal her identity.[2] She later donned it for a mission to destroy a Green Light laboratory.[3]

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, both Anissa and the suit were destroyed by a wave of antimatter,[4] but Anissa was brought back during the rebirth of the universe, where she wore another suit on Earth-Prime.[5]


Sketches of the suit done by Gambi.

  • Identity concealment: The main purpose of both suits is to conceal Anissa's identity from those that may recognize her.
  • Bulletproof: The suit is made of a breathable Kevlar weave, so that when Anissa isn't bulletproof, she'll "still be bulletproof".[2]
  • Fireproof: According to Gambi, the suit is fireproof.[2]
  • Water resistance: According to Gambi, the suit is resistant to water.[2]
  • Vital monitoring: The suit has state-of-the-art neural interface technology stitched into the lining, so that Gambi is able to monitor Anissa's vitals from his tailor shop's basement.[2]
  • Communication systems: The suit contains communications systems, so that Gambi can talk to Anissa while she is out as Thunder.

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