Anissa Pierce has worn a number of protective suits as the vigilante Thunder.


First suit

After discovering she had powers, Anissa Pierce decided to buy herself an outfit to wear as a vigilante, being helped out by Ben under the pretence of it being a costume.[1]

Second suit

Thunder suited up for the first time

After Anissa's powers were revealed to Jefferson and Lynn, Lynn had Gambi make a protective suit to protect Anissa and conceal her identity.[2] She later donned it for a mission to destroy a Green Light laboratory.[3]


Gambi's sketches of the Thunder suit

Sketches of the suit done by Gambi.

  • Identity concealment: The main purpose of both suits is to conceal Anissa's identity from those that may recognize her.
  • Bulletproof: The suit is made of a breathable Kevlar weave, so that when Anissa isn't bulletproof, she'll "still be bulletproof".[2]
  • Fireproof: According to Gambi, the suit is fireproof.[2]
  • Water resistance: According to Gambi, the suit is resistant to water.[2]
  • Vital monitoring: The suit has state-of-the-art neural interface technology stitched into the lining, so that Gambi is able to monitor Anissa's vitals from his tailor shop's basement.[2]
  • Communication systems: The suit contains communications systems, so that Gambi can talk to Anissa while she is out as Thunder.

Known users


Black Lightning

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