Tiffany Williams is Issa Williams' sister.[1]


Tiffany accompanied her mother to the Blackbird Funeral Parlor and was present when government agents tried to take the body of her brother, Issa Williams who had been killed during an arrest by the Freeland Police Department. Tiffany was shocked to see her brother come back to life in front of her, and then as her mother admitted that she was relieved that Issa was dead because she would no longer be worried about him being on the streets doing Green Light. Tiffany urged her brother to run rather than be captured by government agents.[1]

When Issa was taken into custody by the A.S.A. and placed in the care of Dr. Lynn Stewart, Tiffany was asked to visit him. During the visit she showed concern for her brother's condition. However, Issa's powers activated and forced Tiffany to admit that she was scared of him and did not intend to care for a zombie back from the dead. Tiffany was horrified at what she said, and left hurriedly after telling Issa she did not want to see him again.[2]

Despite this, Tiffany went to the A.S.A. with her father, Earnest, to collect Issa when he decided that he would rather live whatever remaining days he had than go into a stasis pod. Tiffany hugged him and the three of them left together.[2]


Black Lightning

Season 2


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