Tim Kwon is a billionaire in Central City and former programmer who, along with his friends, robbed Ramsey Deacon of "Kilg%re" and got rich off of his idea.


In 2013, Tim Kwon, Ramsey Deacon, Kurt Weaver, and Sheila Agnani created the malware "Kilg%re" in Ramsey's garage. On January 17, 2014, the team was awarded the Quasar Prize in the 25th edition of the annual "Quasar Award" in Keystone City. However, Ramsey's friends wanted to enrich the program and stole his idea, selling it to a large technology company for billions and leaving him with nothing. Tim was reluctant to do so, but Sheila and Kurt ultimately pressured him into going along with the plan.

One day in October 2017, Tim was driving through the city while listening to music when his car's radio began to malfunction. Outside, he saw Ramsey, who hacked into the car's mainframe and forced it to drive at 120 mph. Tim tried in vain to stop and desperately called for help. The Flash came to his rescue and was forced to dismantle the car in order to save him.

Tim then went to the CCPD, where Detective Joe West interrogated him. The conversation was interrupted by a drone who brought a disarmed grenade into the room, but The Flash saved them.

Afterwards, Tim made his way to Sheila's house to warn her about Ramsey. However, Ramsey followed him and confronted the two. Sheila didn't take Ramsey seriously and taunted him despite Tim's protests. Ramsey then tampered with Sheila's insulin pump, putting her into shock, and kidnapped Tim, bringing him to an abandoned warehouse. There, Ramsey recorded a confession that "Kilg%ore" was his idea, which Tim, Sheila, and Kurt stole. Tim then pleaded to be released but Ramsey instead tried to tear him apart using a machine the latter was tied to. The Flash and Kid Flash intervened and freed Tim. Tim hid and later attempted to flee but was confronted by Ramsey, who attempted to shoot him dead. The Flash caught the bullet and defeated Ramsey, saving Tim's life once more.[1]


Tim was willing to steal his friend Ramsey Deacon's idea to become rich. However, unlike Sheila Agnani and Kurt Weaver, Tim didn't completely agree with doing so and grew to regret it. When confronted by Ramsey, Tim felt deep shame and remorse for his actions and genuinely apologized, even being willing to record his confession as a way to atone.

Tim is observant and has a strong sense of self-preservation; he immediately knew Ramsey would target him and Sheila after killing Kurt, and was rightfully terrified. Despite not agreeing with his friends to con Ramsey, Tim was very worried when they were targeted and even tried to warn Sheila.[1]


  • Genius-level intellect/Expert programmer: Tim is known to be a proficient programmer, helping to create "Kilg%re", an effective malware, in a garage. His work was great enough to earn a cover shot on a magazine and a Quasar Award.[1]


  • Tim enjoys pop music and listens to the Top 40 Hits.[1]
  • He drove a hybrid.[1]


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