Tim Teslow (died May 17, 2020), nicknamed "The Titan", was a former football player tight end for the Gotham Goliaths, turned criminal.


Early life

Tim Teslow was born and raised in Gotham alongside his younger brother, Apollo, in a very poor neighborhood, where he used to accompany the kids to the school bus to make sure they were safe. At college, both he and his brother became football champions and afterward started to play as professionals for the Gotham Goliaths, where Tim was nicknamed "The Titan" and rewarded as the team's best tight end of all time.[1]

However, according to Apollo, his will to win turned him into a monster, thus he began taking massive doses of steroids becoming amazingly brutal also, his dorsal posterior insular was seriously damaged by years of head traumas, thus making him insensitive to pain. The team's staff worked to cover it up and falsified his CTs in order to allow him to keep play until one night, during a game, after a referee called him back for an action, The Titan killed him by breaking his neck in front of the whole stadium.[1]

After this, he was arrested and his brother testified against him, prompting the authorities to send him to Arkham Asylum.[1]

Escaping from Arkham

The Titan confronts Jacob Kane on the Burnley's subway line.

After escaping from Arkham due to a riot caused by Alice,[2] Tim boarded a train heading to Central Gotham and beheaded the leader of the medical tests performed on the players who was responsible for covering up his medical condition. Then he was approached by Jacob Kane who tried to stop him but was overpowered and disarmed by the Titan; however, before he could kill him, Kate Kane intervened and fought him, getting defeated as well. The Titan however decided to take advantage of this to escape.

The Titan stabbed his own brother, paralyzing him.

The following day, The Titan approached his brother at the stadium while Apollo was training and, despite Batwoman's attempt to stop him, managed to defeat her, crippling Apollo by stabbing his spine with a machete.

Teslow is killed by the Crows.

The following night, Batwoman and the Crows lure him out of hiding at the Gotham City Arena using his last target, Coach Kurt Donahue as bait; however, Batwoman fought him in the middle of the stadium, trying to reason with him and telling him she knew that it wasn't the real him. The Titan admitted he didn't want to be that way, but just as Kate managed to get through to him, the Crows gunned him down.[1]


According to Tim's brother, Apollo Teslow, he was once a kind individual who would walk the local children to make sure they got there safely. Many years later, due to steroids and head trauma from playing football, he snapped.[1]

Powers and abilities


Tim Teslow is stabbed by a Batarang without flinching.

  • Enhanced endurance: Due to his brain missing key components that make pain reception possible, The Titan had high-immunity to pain from any injuries and highly augmented resilience to damage in general. This allowed him to be able to take more damage than a normal human, not even flinching when hit in the shoulder with a Batarang. Furthermore, he had also shown seemingly limitless stamina able to endure even most fatal wounds with no reduction in his performance.[1]


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a former football player, The Titan was at the peak of human physical conditioning. His immense strength allowed him to overpower grown adults with ease and even had enough strength to snap a man's neck.[1]
  • Keen intellect/Expert tactician: The Titan was a highly skilled tactician and a capable planner, he was able to track his targets and even turned out the stadium lights to ambush the Crows members.[1]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: The Titan was a ferocious and highly skilled hand to hand fighter, using his immense strength and resilience to his advantage. He was able to overpower Crow Commander Jacob Kane, and his daughter Kate Kane. He later fought and gained the upper hand on Batwoman twice.[1]
    • Master swordsman: The Titan was highly skilled at using sword-like machetes in combat.[1] He was able to slice Batwoman grappling gun in half. He could even throw his machete precise enough to hit someone's spine, crippling them.
  • Stealth: Despite his bulky physique, The Titan was skilled at stealth, able to take out Crows members in quick succession.[1]


  • Dual machetes: Tim wielded twin machetes after breaking out from Arkham Asylum.[1]



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