"Time's Arrow" is the first chapter of the comic book series Arrow. It was released digitally on October 10, 2012.



In the present, Oliver visits his father's grave at the Queen Mansion, reminiscent of the one he built for Robert on Lian Yu in 2007. Wanting to talk to his father, Oliver reflects on how much everything has changed. Oliver explains how he survived, just as his father had hoped, having washed up on Lian Yu and finally returning home after five years.

Oliver also expresses how he was taken aback by the difficulty of reconnecting with his family and friends, as well as the pain of keeping secrets from them. During this, Oliver reflects on Moira and Walter's attempts to have him take a position at Queen Consolidated, Thea's frustration at his neglect of his family,[1] Laurel's disappointment with his continued selfishness,[2] Tommy's lack of understanding how much he changed,[3] and Diggle's reaction to learning Oliver's secret identity.[2]

Oliver goes into further detail about how he'd come back to Starling City to honor Robert's wishes of righting his wrongs. However, he believes he can't be "the Oliver everyone wants [him] to be", while doing so and states that the only way he could truly honor Robert's wishes was to dishonor his memory. Oliver apologizes to his father before leaving.



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