"Time's Arrow" is the first chapter of the comic book series Arrow. It was released digitally on October 10, 2012.


Get a glimpse at Oliver Queen's past, present, and future in the debut chapter of ARROW! Written by the show's creators with art from legendary "Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters" artist Mike Grell.[1]


Oliver visited his father's grave in 2012, reminiscent of the grave he built for him on Lian Yu in 2007. He explained how he survived, as his father had hoped, having made it to an island, and despite five long years, he finally made it home. He expressed how he was taken aback by how hard it was to reconnect with his family and friends, all of whom were slightly angry at him.

He went in to further detail about how he'd come back with a goal: to right his father's wrongs, to save his father's city. However, he explained that he couldn't be "the Oliver everyone [wanted him] to be". He ended with a final statement about how the only way he could truly honor his father's wishes was to dishonor his memory.



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